So called Miss Tourism Queen International

I have seen lots of beauty pageants over the years as there are beauty pageants for babies as young as a few months to toddlers and big girls. But this particular pageant caught my eye when I saw the way they were conducting the pageant.

I am not too sure how reputable Miss Tourism Queen International is as I have never heard about them before. The only reason I am writing about this contest is because I find it ridiculous to see that a beauty pageant is getting away with doing ridiculous things.

I think any country can send a representative for this pageant but looks like only the girls who can get more money from sponsors to vote for them will advance to the semi final round. Read Rule No 3. It states” A minimum 10 votes cost USD 3.00, 50 votes cost USD15.00, 100 votes cost USD30.00, 400 votes cost USD100.00 and 1200 votes cost USD300.00 with Credit/Debit Card payments only.”

 I am not a big fan of these pageants and I find the statements of the beauty pageants winners to be the same no matter which contest I watch. But to find the above  rules in a pageant seems so wrong. It is clearly a rip-off to organise the contest and ask every one to pay money to vote. Also small countries will have no chance against big countries so I don’t see the point of this whole contest.


Look at the girl on the left.

The girls that will be competing for the crown will be there not because they have talent or beauty but they have people who have lots of money behind them. It is so wrong and unethical.

I am not sure what I expect form these beauty pageants but when I see these kinds of pageants blooming left, right and centre, I wonder if there is any legal obligation these pageants have to fulfil before registering themselves as a company. Otherwise I might start my own pageant and charge money to vote and call it “Miss Skin and Bones” pageant.


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