Magic: even the word is mysterious. When I was young I loved magical things like Santa Claus, tooth fairy and fairytales. I never question their existence. Also I loved all the magic shows they had on TV, which were mostly simple magic tricks. I remember when I was 10 there was a big magician that came to Kathmandu. My mum took me and my brother to watch the show and I was blown away by it. For me it was all so surreal and amazing.

Then the internet was born so was 100 + different channels which kind of gave away all the fun of magic. They showed us how the magicians do their tricks so nothing is magical any more but all is illusion. It is probably good for the people who wanted to know how things are done but especially for the kids and those who are kids at heart, it destroyed all the fun and imagination of magic.

On Saturday we went to watch a show call The Illusionists in Sydney Opera house. The show was conducted by 7 great magicians of the world who called themselves The Gentleman, The Trickster, The Escapologist, The Grand Illusionist, The Inventor, The Mentalist and The Anti Conjuror.

Their website describes the show as follows

The illusionists are a world first. 7 of the greatest magicians on the planet are coming together for the first time, bringing with them the very best of their individual acts and a whole team of magical assistants. The result is a brand new show packed with thrilling and sophisticated magic of unprecedented proportions.

From never before seen illusions to jaw dropping acts of levitation, mind-reading and escapes, The illusionists is revolutionary, bringing the age old art of magic into the 21st century. Cutting edge and contemporary don’t expect rabbits and top hats, but do expect to be mesmerised by these grand masters of magic and illusion, each with their own speciality and mind-blowing signature act. With over 25 million YouTube hits between them, their solo shows alone sell hundreds of thousands of tickets at sold out arenas around the world. To see them all on the one stage in this unique collaboration is unheard of, creating a whole new genre of spectacular entertainment the whole family will enjoy.

The Illusionists-witness the impossible and be swept away by this worldwide phenomenon.

I was happy to go and watch the show but wasn’t sure what to expect. I haven’t been to a magic shows for years but we wanted to go and see this one as they described this as one of the best shows as there are 7 of them performing great illusions.

The show was in Sydney Opera house so we went their early to collect our tickets. Just before the show started we were allowed to go inside the show hall and were ushered to our seats. We had a box which had a great view. There were lots of kids in the audience as it is school holidays. Just the atmosphere made me happy and was glad we were there.

It started with The Trickster‘s funny jokes and magic which was followed by the rest of the magician. It was humorous and everyone was laughing their guts out. Also they had great audience participation for the show which made it even more real. Some of the tricks they showed were really complex to execute but it was done beautifully.

The best one for me was from The Mentalist who was able to tell what word the audience member was going to pick from a 500 pages English dictionary. I am sure someone can explain that to me but he had it printed out in A4 paper before the show (as he said). It was really good.

Also to see a woman appear floating on the air out of no where and The Grand Illusionist sucked in by the big fan was magical. Overall fun two hours show which was filled with laughter and cheers.

Even when I know it was all an illusion, I believe in magic once again.  🙂 🙂 🙂 

6 responses to “Magic

  1. I am a fan of magic, it’s very entertaining and breath-taking! 😀 thanks for sharing!

  2. Oooh, I’d like to see one for myself. I hope they visit the Philippines to do a show.

  3. I love the picture of you and AS! I love your dress.. so pretty 😀 and the t-shirt. (likes stripes on men) and its of the fav. combo 😀 Bless you guys 🙂

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