Australian Open 2012

This post is a week too late but I am still posting it. 🙂

I am a fan of Roger Federer in tennis and I love to watch him play. He is such a perfect gentleman and I like his game as it is all about precision, grace and balance. So during the Australian Open semi final game between him and Nadal, I was supporting Federer. 

The game started with Federer having a  3-0 lead. But then Nadal bounced back so they had to play a tie breaker. Finally Federer won the first set. I was really happy as I thought he needed 2 more to sets to progress to the final. 

It was a really close game with both playing under immense pressure. There were times I couldn’t bear to watch the game as there was so much pressure that I had to change the channel just to calm myself down. 

When Nadal won the second set, I was really sad but when he won the third set as well I was so upset I wanted to cry. 😦  Every time Nadal got a point, I cringed as I wanted Federer to win but unfortunately after playing 4 sets, Nadal won the game and progressed to the final while Federer was out of the Australian Open. The final score was 

When I was watching the final, I was supporting Djokovic and I really wanted him to win . It was one epic match. I can’t believe they played for almost six hours.

I have to admit Nadal is a great player but I am just so happy that Djokovic won the title (and Nadal lost ).

The final score for the game was 

Waiting for more tennis to come 🙂 and Federer in action.

6 responses to “Australian Open 2012

  1. I am not really a fan of tennis but I was glued on TV when Federer and Nadal played and of course during the finals too, the Djokovic vs. Nadal. During the semi’s, I was rooting for Nadal but not so much in the final match 🙂 I was torn between the two but I was happy the Djokovic won too. And yes it was an epic match. I was already sleepy but the match hasn’t ended yet. LOL

  2. It’s been a long time since I’ve followed tennis, decades, but… Federer has to be getting up there in playing age. Sooner or later the best fall to it. Think of how this match may have gone say… seven years ago.

  3. Kartik used to play national level tennis in India [as a kid] so he’s really into tennis. He was really sad Nadal lost–he thinks Djokovic’s game is boring and Federer annoys him [mostly because he feels Federer can never match up to Sampras].

    I’m not that into tennis though I’m glad Djokovic has reached where he has. He probably had the hardest life of them all.

    • Looks like there are lots of Nadal supporters around. During semi final and final, when I updated my facebook status with who I wanted to win, I got lots of friends commenting on it trying to change my mind and support Nadal. 🙂

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