Learn Nepal Bhasa / Newari – Chapter 3

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English Nepal Basa
How are you? Mhan –phu-laa?
I am fine Mhan- phu
My name is … Ji –gu naa…..khah.
This is my friend Mary. Thwa ji-mii paa-saa Mary Khah. (This my friend Mary is)
House/home Cheen
Where do you live? Chhigu chhen ga-na khah? (Your house where is)
I live in Sydney. Ji-gu cheen Sydney khah (My house Sydney in is)
How are things? Gay chwan? (how is)
Fine Baan laah

4 responses to “Learn Nepal Bhasa / Newari – Chapter 3

  1. So, does Khah take the place of cha or ho in Nepali? The sentence structure seems similar.

  2. Chhigu is the word I missused with some other words to create a vulgar statement. I brought it up to Shiva and he told me that I pretty much said “Go f*** off”. I think I mixed up jigu and chhigu…just word to the wise, be careful with your pronunciation.

    For “How are things?” that looks like it would sound a lot like Ke Cha? is it truly different in Newari than Nepali or is this one of the few things that is the same? How is Khah for where very different than Kha for yes? Is there an extra expression of breath at the end of Khah? or is it closer to the sound for where in Nepali kahaan, just without the n?

    These are fun conversations.

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