Jamie’s Italian : Restaurant Review

As you already know that Jamie Oliver is my favourite chef, I meant to go to Jamie’s Italian for a while but didn’t quite seem to manage. Finally last night I and my hubby decide to give it a go and we are so happy that we did…

As my friends had told me there could be a wait during dinner time as the restaurant doesn’t take bookings, we decided to go a bit early to avoid the queue. We were there at 6pm and were delighted to get a table straight away.

As we walked into the restaurant, there is pasta-making area in the front window and there is an area where you can have a drink while you wait for a table. The whole place has this big warehouse, rustic/industrial vibe. We were seated in the ground floor and we could see the frantic open kitchen where chefs were busy preparing food. There was an upper floor above us as well. The tables upstairs and down were all metal with graffiti walls, wire mesh and copper pendant lights.

Also when I went to the ladies, the bathroom looked like it was from the 1930’s with a dim light and old style basin and tap.

When we were seated, we were given menus, water glass and a jug of water. As it was a restaurant by an international celebrity chef, I was expecting the place to be pose and high-end with menu price at top of the range but I was really happy to see that he has catered for the mid range rather than high-end. The prices seem so reasonable and comparable with a normal café.

The staffs seemed busy but were polite and filled up your water as required.

Crispy Squid

Sweet Mini Chilli peppers

For entrée we ordered Sweet Mini Chilli peppers, stuffed with whipped ricotta, mint & lemon and Crispy Squid, fried squid served with really garlicky mayo & lemon. The size of the squid was not that big but for the price and as an entrée, they were fine. The most important part is that they were delicious.

As we finished the entrée and the table was cleared and while we were waiting for our main we got homemade Rosemary Focaccia Artisan Sourdough, Ciabatta & Tortano from their bakery Crispy Carta Di Musica. It was on the house and the timing was perfect. They were nice with olive oil and herbs on them.

For the main I ordered Osso Bucco Milanese which is an Aussie lamb cooked overnight with tomatoes, saffron, wine & herbs, served on oozy polenta Bianca.  AS ordered Tuscan Wild Boar Sausages which isjuicy red wine & fennel sausages served with a warm, minty lentil salad & salsa rossa piccante.

Osso Bucco Milanese

Tuscan Wild Boar Sausages

I was really happy with my lamb as they were so soft and they came off easily from the bone. The sauce was so yummy as well that I didn’t leave anything on my plate. I tried sausages as well but I didn’t like it that much as I found the flavour a bit strong for my likening but AS loved it. The food did taste fresh and  the portion size was generous.


After the main, we ordered their famous Tiramisu which is a coffee-flavoured trifle with orange mascarpone & chocolate. As a non coffee and alcohol drinker, I found that it had more coffee and alcohol than most tiramisu I have had. The mascarpone layers were set and unripened and the cakey layers were a bit wet but overall the dish tasted nice.

I know as a fan of Jamie Oliver, I was meant to like his restaurant but my review is honest to my taste buds and I have to say the food actually speaks for itself. From the dishes I have tried, I can honestly say I loved them all. The service was always prompt and friendly and the atmosphere casual and welcoming. Jamie’s Italian is good honest food for the body and soul.

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5 responses to “Jamie’s Italian : Restaurant Review

  1. Another common interest M! I love Jamie’s too! You should try Zizzi next if that’s there in Sydney, Amaretto Cheesecake! 😀

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