Chunky statement necklaces

I went shopping last night as I needed to go for a birthday party tonight. I am wearing coloured denim and I wanted a chunky necklace to go with it.

To my surprise, it looks like this spring is going to be full chunky necklaces. Every place that sells accessories has them in all kinds, colours and styles on display. From floral accents and multicolour gemstones to layered pearls and bib necklaces; I had array of choices. I ended up buying a  beaded one.

I am so happy to see them everywhere. I have got 5 now so I will be wearing them everywhere. I bought a couple of them from Dubai and UK during my Europe trip  :).

I can transform my wardrobe with a single accessory now. I really love them as you can wear them as your only accessories and you will still look stylish. With these kinds of necklaces, it is best to avoid earrings and bracelets. Keep it minimal and it will work perfectly.

It goes well with jeans as well as dresses and skirts. It can definitely embellish the plainest tops and dresses.

I have seen them on my favourite fashionista Sarah Jessica Parker as well as many other celebrities.  Loving their looks.

Today at work I wore a necklace as well; it is not a big statement necklace but quite a  good size for work.

Keep it chucky this Spring  🙂

12 responses to “Chunky statement necklaces

  1. Good choice. 🙂

  2. Statement necklaces are so chic! They’ve been very “in” this year.. especially in Dubai where we see less of winter, it completely adds up glamour to a plain outfit and that is totally the way to roll I guess. Embellished outfits are out and instead accessorising is the new trend. Hehe, fashion is such a vast thing these days, not about putting on and stepping out anymore! 😀

  3. Those are really beautiful. But, it might be very expensive. I am glad I am not a girl. 😉 Otherwise, I would have envied you.

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