Pushpa Basnet of Nepal is the 2012 CNN “Hero of the Year”

If you remember I wrote posts called Pushpa Basnet: Pride of Nepal and Please help Pushpa Basnet to win CNN Hero 2012 a few months ago regarding Pushpa Basnet.


She was shocked to learn that children were living in Nepali prisons with their parents and so she started the Early Childhood Development Center when she was only 21.  Since 2005, she has provided such support as housing, education, and medical care to more than 140 children of incarcerated parents.


Yes, she has won CNN “Hero of the Year” for 2012 making us all proud. I am so happy that my vote counted and it is a great pride for Nepal to have the honour back in Nepal for a second time. Especial thanks to everyone who voted for her after reading my post.


It is a so incredibly deserving recognition for someone who has scarified her life for the young children and their future. Please click here (Pushpa Basnet: Pride of Nepal and Please help Pushpa Basnet to win CNN Hero 2012 )to learn more about this incredible hero and an amazing human being. We are just very lucky to be born in an era where someone does selfless work like that.

Here is the incredible moment when she won the award.

Now Nepal has two great women as CNN Hero of the Year: Aunradha Koirala and Pushpa Basent.

11 responses to “Pushpa Basnet of Nepal is the 2012 CNN “Hero of the Year”

  1. She does deserve recognition. Maybe we shouldn’t be awarding one winner, maybe we should learn to celebrate them all.

  2. It is moments like these, or through people like Puspa, that makes me proud to be a Nepali. She’s my hero too, and I can proudly announce that I voted for her too.

  3. It is indeed a great moment for Pushpa Basnet to be appreciated by the world for her selfish work. I was really pleased to support this amazing young woman who took such a big step in her life to help the children.

    I am so happy she won because the award money can now put hundred more children out of prison into her care.

    Thanks Bipin 🙂

  4. Great news! People who have devoted themselves to serving those in need must get much of the satisfaction every moments of life. Having said that as a human who won’t feel so nice to receive the appreciation, coming from international media like CNN.

    You supported her. I was there for Anuradha Koirla but this time I missed the whole thing. Hope you are enjoying the share of victory.

    This moment let us take time to pray for all those who go beyond any means to help out the ones in need.

    Humanity is a wonderful religion to practice, beautiful reason to live. The other day I heard on a radio show- “One has nothing to lose. But there is the whole world to win”.

    In Nepali- “गुमाउनु केहि छैन । जित्नको लागि संसार छ ।”

    SMiles from Kathmandu M..

  5. Its a matter of pride for CNN who recognized BEST of the World – PUSHPA BASNET

  6. Yayy women in Nepal rock!! She has made us all proud 😀

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