Celebrating Tihar

Like every year, we celebrated Tihar this year as well. For the details of the festival, please click here. I am sharing some of the photos from the festival.

Kaag / Kag (crow) Puja

Kaag puja (2)Kaag puja (1)

Kukur (dog) Puja

kukur puja (2) kukur puja (1)

Laxmi Puja and Gai (cow) Puja

laxmi puja (9)laxmi puja (7) laxmi puja (1) laxmi puja (3) laxmi puja (4) laxmi puja (5) laxmi puja (6) laxmi puja (8)

Mha Puja and Nepal Sambat

mha puja (2) mha puja (5)mha puja (4) mha puja (3) mha puja (6) mha puja (7) mha puja (1)

Bhai Tika

IMG_3217 IMG_3237 IMG_3259 IMG_3265 IMG_3269 IMG_3361 IMG_3390

This year, I have one more person to put tika on and that is my little nephew. It was so much fun and amazingly he even managed to sit still on his father’s lap in front of the mandap for the whole puja.


Hope all of you had great time celebrating the festival.


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6 responses to “Celebrating Tihar

  1. All the time of tihar this year I remember me …….since 15 years Bj had the possilibity ti ´celebrate with his Family this year and I was not there…….missed it

  2. Great pics. Those cupcakes look amazing. Looks like you guys had a great time celebrating Tihar!

    It’s been so long since I’ve celebrated either Dashain or Tihar–makes me wonder if I ever will. This year, I didn’t even know it was Dashain until I opened up facebook.

    • Thanks. I had good time baking this year 🙂
      You live so near Nepal, may be you could plan to go and see your relatives during dashain or tihar next time. Nepal has the special atmosphere during the festive season :). Wish I was one plane away from Kathmandu..

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