Another trip planned :)

I have great news; I am going to Kathmandu again. And yes there is a reason we are going, yet another celebration. My brother in law is getting married. I will be there in a months’ time and it will be a great time to see my parents and in law again. It has been a year since we are back from our last trip but I can’t wait to go again.

Nepal (12)

Our holiday has been approved at work and we have booked our tickets so it is all set, counting down the days now.

I have even started my shopping for gifts. Amazingly, we say, we will never do a big shopping for gifts each time we return from Nepal. But each time before we go there, we make a list of gifts. This time too the list is long with names of people we want to buy for but I am happy to buy as their smile is worth the trouble we go through. Looks like for the next few weekends that is all we will be going.

In addition, I will be buying things for my future SIL. I already bought things like perfumes, make-up and other items but still there are a few other things still on the list.

I have never met my soon to be SIL but we have chatted a few time on Facebook. She seems to be nice girl and I am sure she will make my BIL very happy.

Wedding always excites me and this time it is at home so it will a be really fun filled event  with lots of foods, music, dances, ritual and people. I will definitely report on everything.

As usual every time I plan to go to Nepal I have a long list of things to do and buy and I have never manged to cross off everything. I am hoping this time I will be able to do a lot.

I really want to buy some specific decoration items for our home here so every day I can see them and admire them. I am looking for one big painting (I am not very sure but still want to try before forking out money here) and some traditional masks.

I am also thinking I should look for some traditional cushions .

As usual, I need to buy lehengas and saris for the wedding and accessories to go with them. I am sure until the wedding is over, we will be extremely busy but I have a few weeks after the wedding when I can to do things that I like.

The top one is trekking somewhere in Nepal. I am not even sure that it will be possible, as trekking requires at least a week but I will try my best. My list has grown longer day by day so hope to tick off most of it while I am there.

Anyway looking forward to enjoying the company of my family and friends and be spoiled soon. Hope I might even meet a few of my blogging buddies there like last time.

Take care everyone ,

M from nepaliaustralian


28 responses to “Another trip planned :)

  1. I want to visit Nepal someday! Vegetarian nepali food is so tasty…

    Blog : global vegan fare

  2. vanessalovespostcards

    ooh is this bhaktapur on the photo? malaai man paryo 🙂 I love bhaktapur. It is my favourte -pur in Nepal 🙂
    Have a great trip and dherai shuva kamana for your brother in law!

  3. wow thats a great news.!! congrats to all of you.

  4. how excitingggg!!!! Eat a lot, enjoy the wedding, and i hope you will share your lehenga pictures 🙂

  5. Hey NA hearty congratulations…. 😀 its celebration time!! yippiee… please share all pics with us… weddings, shopping bags, accessories.. cant wait to see them all.. you are my neighbour country.. n it always excites me to know more about the culture n tradition of other country!! would love to see all of them 😀

    all the best.. enjoy to the core 😀

  6. Have an amazing time!! I cannot wait to hear about the wedding and see what items you purchase for your home!!! 😀 x

  7. Hey M, how exciting! 🙂 The wedding sounds really colourful and exciting!
    I so can’t wait to see your pictures when you return. Great SIL buying perfume etc. I would love you already just from that! Lol
    Good luck with finding the right picture etc. Many hugs, Paula xxxxx

  8. Congratulations to your brother and you also! How exciting meeting your new SIL. We bought a big painting when we went to kathmandu and it is hung up and admired by all in our living room. Are you stopping by Delhi by any chance?

    • Thank dear. There are so much to do for the wedding. I love to know more details about your painting because I don’t have high hope. How did you packed it to be taken home? I am not coming to Delhi. We may travel via Malaysia or China this time.

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