In search of perfect outfit part 2

This is a continuation of my previous post about the drama for the outfit for AS’s brother’s wedding. The good news first, I got a full refund from ustavfashion so I am very happy. At least now I know they are trustworthy and can consider them for my future purchases.

Also thank you each and every one who offered to help. I feel so grateful to have so many of you coming forward to help me. Even though I haven’t meet most of you, I feel like we are good friends so thank you from the bottom of my heart.

So here is the second part of the story. After going through another million sites (that’s what it feels like anyway) and determine not to feel let down by the result of my first attempt, I found another site, which has some really good stuff, Silk Saree Surat. As I am short in time, I decided to call the store directly as I couldn’t catch their online chat person when they were online.

Before I called I kind of knew what I wanted so it was a good conversation. The person I talked to checked his computer straight away and told me what he can ship in the next few days. He went through all the inventory and gave me all the things that can be shipped right away.

I thanked him and asked him if he can come online so when I have any question I can ask him. I didn’t have heaps of choice but it still took me an hour to narrow down my choices. Again, poor AS was on the receiving end of questions like what do you think? Do you like this better than that one?

From the ready to ship stock, I really liked 2 items. One of them was a sari and the other one was a lehengha. I couldn’t decide between the two. That took another 30 minuts but finally I decided to buy both of them. I know, I know, I meant to buy only one but a sari never goes to waste :). On top of that I also bought one more saree. I had been looking for that design for a while and it was not very expensive one. So AS said I could just take that too (I secretly think he just wanted me to stop looking at more saris 🙂 )and now I am all done with my shopping for the wedding.

As stitching the lehenga would take another 5 days, I got them to send it unstitched. I am planning to get it stitched in Nepal as soon as I get there. The backup plan is a sari just in case no one is ready to stitch it so quickly.

Anyway, I placed the order and hoped for the best. I told the person again that I needed it be in Sydney before a certain date as I will be leaving. He assured me that it would be.

After 2 days of placing the order, he got back to me and told me he has shipped the order. I was really happy.

Now I am impatiently waiting for them to arrive. I really hope it gets here soon as we don’t have many days before we need to board out flight to Kathmandu.

Fingers crossed they look exactly like what I saw on the website. I know that the lighting and beautiful models make lots of difference. I have realistic expectation and hope not to be disappointed.

Wish me luck and I will update as soon I as get them.

Take care everyone ,

M from nepaliaustralian



10 responses to “In search of perfect outfit part 2

  1. Did you receive your sarees? Waiting for your post on that (with photos)

  2. Love your blog! I saw something you wrote about maxi dresses some time ago & there were pictures of lotsa pretty dresses. What websites do you recommend for shopping that are a little budget friendly??

  3. The colours and fabrics are lovely, I agree with Lauren, the first and third are amazing

  4. My friend came back from Surat but her goods will arrive only after 20 days so I thought you could pass that option 🙂 glad that you found your perfect dress!

  5. Happy Valentine day in advance.. ha haha 🙂

  6. All sooooo beautiful! I love the 1st one and the 3rd one the most!
    I hope they are as beautiful as they are in the pics! x

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