Relapse of my healthy eating habit

I am sure you all know that I rant in this blog sometimes 🙂 or some of you might say I do that a lot. Anyway, this might me one of those posts.

As you know, I am trying to eat healthy and get back in shape. In my head, I want to be this perfect woman and I am working hard for that. I am going to Nepal in a weeks time and I want to wear a lehengha and make sure I look good on it. Therefore, I have many reasons to stick to my exercise and food plan.

Before yesterday, I was all fine. I was eating healthy expect on weekends. I was swimming almost every day and yoga on weekends. The stubborn fats seemed to burn off slowly and I could see that in very near future I would reach my goal.


I am so close to my goal that I was so sad to see that I relapsed yesterday.

We had tea at work in the morning and they had my favorite lemon meringue pie. As always, I stuck to the fruits at first but then I had to have the pie. Keeping in mind that I shouldn’t, I ate only ¼ of the small pie. It was just delicious and my taste buds went to heaven straight away.

I ate my healthy lunch, salmon sandwich and yogurt with fruits afterward so all good then.

While I was driving home, suddenly I have craving for cheese balls. You know the ones I mentioned before with heaps of butter, cheese and artificial flavoring with zillions of fats.

Anyway I couldn’t help myself so went straight to the shop and bought a few packets of cheese balls and some other junk food.

This part made me was annoyed with myself that I didn’t have the self-control at all. I paid for the food, went to the car and opened a packet of cheese ball straight away. I couldn’t wait for 5 minutes ride home to eat it. I am so annoyed with myself that I didn’t even have the self-discipline on this small matter.

Anyway, in terms of my progress apart from the relapse I am doing OK.

Take care ,

M from nepaliaustralian


10 responses to “Relapse of my healthy eating habit

  1. Done in by cheese balls.

    It happens. 🙂

  2. Ha ! ! You’re not alone. I piled on10 bs. this holiday/semestral vacay and I haven’t done anything about it yet. T.T

  3. we all go through this M…atleast you are able to recognize this. dont be so hard on yourself if yesterday was not not so good, have a fresh start 🙂 i have a major weakness to kurkure and chocolate…

    • Thanks Dixya. I know I will not be able to diet when I am in Nepal but I am determined to continue eating healthy as much as I can. I am so inspired by your recipes. I recently made so many of your recipes including the soup momo and everyone loved it , thanks 🙂

  4. I try really hard to eat healthy and I fail. And every time I fail, it’s because the junk foods were easily available. It’s easy to resist and build that chain when you keep up on it. But once you eat even a tiny bit of junk food, you start to think that you’ve failed your goal and you start to go crazy. At least, I do.
    Like you’ve mentioned, “We had tea at work in the morning and they had my favorite lemon meringue pie.”
    So for me, it’s to make my environment favorable for eating healthy. I don’t keep sweets or junk foods near me. Instead of junk foods, I keep fruits and other healthy foods. Maybe it doesn’t help every time, but helps most of the time.
    If you’re interested, I’ve explained in more detail here –>
    Thank you for sharing this.

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