Pine nut: a nasty metallic aftertaste

Recently I made a lamb salad and I bought pine nuts for the salad. AS being himself, he was munching on pine nuts later that evening when he felt like something.

Next morning he complained that his mouth had metallic aftertaste but he did not know why. He continued to eat the pine nuts during or the week.

He had that metallic aftertaste for next two weeks no matter what he ate. In the beginning, we thought it might me something to do with our vitamin supplements and I started Googling for the cause. I stumbled upon this article and the mystery was solved.

It states that a rare and seemingly random reaction to eating pine nuts can cause a metallic aftertaste. Fortunately, the reaction is temporary; in most cases goes away on its own in one to four weeks.

Just sharing our experience here and hope, it will be helpful.


4 responses to “Pine nut: a nasty metallic aftertaste

  1. I have heated mine in the microwave or roasted them, then they taste much better. So sorry about the metallic taste and the way it left an after taste. Pine nuts can also be heated in a pan, before you add other ingredients. I spice them up with garlic or onions. They can be a sweet taste, if you like them. Not sure if you may not ever wish to try them again, after this, though! Hugs, Robin

  2. How odd. I’ve never heard of that. Will he always have that reaction? Were they raw or roasted?

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