There must be something in the water

I have always heard the phase “there must be something in water”. So when someone gets pregnant and all of a sudden it feels like everyone around is pregnant. It’s an old wives tale that there are always more than one person pregnant at a time around you. Remember a while ago, I even complained that there are so many babies and pregnant women around.

It seemed so true because I remember that when my SIL was pregnant, I also had cousin in law and one of our friends pregnant as well. They had babies just 4 weeks apart.

In my case, the first time I found out that I was pregnant we decided to wait till after 12 weeks to tell everyone but in that time before I announced my pregnancy, I found out that few of my colleagues were pregnant.

baby shower (20)

I work for a medium sized company, which has around 150 people in my building. Out of that, more than half are men but to my surprise, in total 6 of us were pregnant around the same time. 4 of them had babies recently and are on leave already. There are only 2 of us left who needs to pop.

While all of us were at work, it was really amazing as everyone kept telling each other to watch out as there must be something in the water as there were so many pregnant women around in such a short period. It has been a running joke around my workplace.

It is actually nice to have some pregnant women around when you are pregnant as we could share tips, advice and also whinge about the discomfort. In addition, we can share opinions about the products and what to buy as all of us are first time mums. We also compared the size of our bumps and share other details only pregnant women can talk about 🙂

I am pregrant (2)

Also one of my good friends in USA is pregnant and is giving birth the same day as I am so there are many exciting news to wait for.

Also in the blog world, a few people are posting their good news and updates.

Is this baby boom happening elsewhere too, or is it just around me?

Take care,

from nepaliaustralian



11 responses to “There must be something in the water

  1. wen i saw ur post i was surprised too..since i m pregnant too and due on march..n i have 3 of my work colleagues pregnant n they r due on d same month. 😛

  2. I bet there is something in the waters of Tasman sea. Everyone is pregnant around me too 😛 (not me though)

  3. It was raining pregnant ladies for me last year. Both my sisters got pregnant around same time and then one cousin, and my best friend too. Four babies within the span of four weeks. I had never heard of this saying before but have seen it in action 😊

  4. Magically also in our circle of friends many got pregnant around the same time while there were barely any pregnancies before or afterwards 🙂

  5. It is so great to have women around you that are pregnant at the same time. Your kids will grow up together and it will bring you that much closer! Those women will become your tribe! 🙂

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