Naming the baby

It sounds like a simple task but after getting pregnant, I have found naming a baby to be a most difficult task. Since the day we found out that I am pregnant, we have been going through the same conversation over and over and still haven’t found that PERFECT name we both love and like.

Until we found out the gender of the baby, we decided that it would be wise to wait. We did not want to wreck our brains for both girl and boy names.

We thought we had ages, well, several months actually to come up with something splendid but finding out the gender of the baby didn’t really help. I will be holding the baby in my arms in a months’ time and we are still nowhere close to finalising the name.

I was named using both my parents name so is my brother. My name starts with the first syllable of my dad’s name and ends with the last syllable of my mum’s while my brother starts with the first syllable of my mum‘s name and finishes with the last syllable of my dad’s. Also AS starts his name with his dad’s initial. May be because of these reasons, I definitely want the name of our baby to start with “M” or “A”.


Seriously, before I was pregnant there were so many names that I loved but one by one all of them got eliminated for one reason or another. Most names were eliminated because someone we know has a baby with that name in recent years, the perils of coming rather late to parenthood, and it didn’t feel good to call our baby by the same name.

Because we are thinking of a name from the Newari language, which is meaningful and easy to pronounce in Australia, our choices are limited. When I research online, the top search come from my own blog page and there are far and few in-between other names we found in other pages during the search. We are searching and waiting for that ‘stand out’ name and it is discouraging that we can’t seem to find it.

I know in some cultures, the first grandchild is named after the grandma / granddad. Sometimes I think, that is a great solution, as you don’t need to think about names but how many George, Krishna or Mary can you want in a family?

One of my friends, who has two kids, told me that you just name what feels good at the time and in a few days’ time, the name and personality blend so well with the baby, you can’t think of calling him/her anything else. I am sure it is so true because I can’t imagine being anyone else but M. But deciding on that one name is what we are struggling with. Sometimes, I feel as if we are thinking too much and that is the reason the task seems so difficult.

I have asked my friends and family to help us out but so far I have not received many choices. I had some of them send me links to the most popular names of 2014 but it didn’t really help as they are all English names with no Nepali/Newari meanings.

Australia’s rules on baby names are among the most liberal in the world as it is so multicultural. Pretty much anything goes as long as it is not deemed offensive. The only rule is you need to register the name of the baby within 60 days or there is more complication to register afterwards and costs $174.

I have read the news where parents tried to name their kids Benson and Hedges or Fish and Chips , poor twins, or celebrities who have baby named like Apple or Blue or North.

I really don’t want to give my daughter a weird name which will taunt her whole her life. I am just looking for a simple and sensible name.

We still have to make the decision on the name, at least one which we both agree.

Please feel free to suggest names here and I will be very grateful. You never know we might like it and name our daughter with it. Also wish us luck that we will finalise the name before the baby arrives.

Take care,

from nepaliaustralian



24 responses to “Naming the baby

  1. Naming the baby is so hard! We chose a double M since her last name is Madhavan.

  2. Congrats M for the baby girl! It was fun reading your journey so far. Naming the baby is such a tough job. I can totally understand!

  3. I am new to your blog! Congrats! Picking a baby name seems like fun yet stressful. My husband and I have talked about it many times and I am glad we aren’t quite there yet haha. You want to pick a name you both love, yet you want your child to love it as well. No one wants to be stuck with Apple or North, as you said! Best of luck to you guys!

  4. Picking up baby name is so much fun. And trust me. Its a long process. We had a set of names picked and on the day of the birth, we just picked two of them. Lucky me, we got to pick 4 names, two actual names and two pet names. Murali picked the actual ones and I picked what kids get called at home. Its fun. Keep the list going. You might just listen to one and feel like ‘this is it’. 🙂

    • So far I am finding deciding on name more harder than fun. I am sure once we find the right name,we will find it easy but until then we are just wrecking our brain to find the name that we both love.

  5. vanessalovespostcards

    My mother in laws name is Maya. And I always loved that name as it is LOVE. I could not think of any better name and I already now that my daughter is going to be called like that 😀

    • I love name “Maya” as it is so beautiful and it means Love but it is so common around us that we decided to find some other name.Glad you have name sorted as it is one of the hardest things to do.

  6. the first which came to my mind after reading this post was : Maya (*M*ay*A*)
    and after thinking a bit more:

    Starting with M n ending with A
    Meera (this one is my personal fav….. We had fixed this as our LO’s name)
    Mrudula (soft at heart)
    Malavika (Inhabitant of Malva .. [as per internet])
    Mudita (ever smiling … happy… someone who brings smile to your face)
    Meeta (friend)
    Starting with A n ending with M
    Adimaa ( goddess of all)
    Agrima (who stands out as leader)
    Arunima (don’t know the meaning, but i have friend with this name)

    PS in case you select any of these, let me know 🙂
    u can reach me @

  7. Naming our son was also a little challenge. In the end he got three names, first name in English and German (both ways are easy to pronounc) second name in Chinese and third name in Finnish 🙂

  8. I would love to help you M but you have to tell me your and AS’s name yaar…mail me and I might bombard you with choices 😊

  9. One of my favourite name is Myrah 🙂

  10. Hii M,
    First off Congratulations!!! Sorry I have been away! BEst News to come back to :)And gorgeous pics in the header !
    Now for the names,both my girls’ names start with A – Aadya -Ananya. They are easy to say,even for the locals . Aadya means firstborn and the first goddess( Adya-shakti) . Ananya means unique.
    Can’t wait to see/read about your baby girl!

    • Hello Trish,
      Thank you so much for the suggestions. I liked Ananya from your list, it sounds unique.
      We are in the process of narrowing down the list now so will let yo kn ow how we went. Thanks so much for the help 🙂
      Take care…

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