Rubbing a pregnant woman’s belly

I think except for a very few times (only to close family member/friends), was I tempted to rub a pregnant woman’s tummy but for some weird reason many family, friends, even strangers felt the need to pat, rub or touch my expanding belly .

I love when my husband touches my tummy because that is the only way he can have contact with our daughter right now. Whenever she  kicked or moved especially the first few times I was so excited and I ask him to feel that with me. Seriously, those moments were priceless when we both felt the baby’s movement at the same time.

Most of the time I don’t mind my friends and family touching my tummy especially if they ask for permission first, but I have a big problem with strangers doing it.

I have to admit though that I was never approached by a stranger on the street who uninvited, just felt that they could touch my pregnant belly. I am not entirely sure what my reaction would have been had they tried. I always felt a little bit special during pregnancy as I mention before, as people were kinder, they would strike up a conversation with me, just give me a knowing smile. It is a serene time in many ways.

 I would feel very scared and worried if a strange asked if it is ok to touch my tummy. I might be OK if the stranger is a woman but men, definitely a big NO NO.

What is it about a pregnant woman’s belly that makes the common sense rules of personal space fly out the window?

May be I should get one of these t-shirts.

I really think it is a personal choice if you feel good when someone rubs your pregnant tummy. We all have different limits we feel as our own personal space. Some feel violated if their pregnant belly is touched, others welcome and love it. For me I am in the middle. As long as it is not too much, I really don’t mind.

Where do you stand on this matter? Do share your experience regarding this.

Take care,

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12 responses to “Rubbing a pregnant woman’s belly

  1. Ugh I hated it when I was pregnant, and it is true that people just do not ask! It is so awkward, and when they put their hand on the belly it is only like 6 inches from the private part! Totally awkward!

  2. Thankfully only my close family has done that till now and a dear friend sincerely asked for permission so it was ok.
    Leave strangers I don’t think I will let any acquaintances touch my bump

  3. This is vert grey area as its individual preference..honestly I felt bit weird when people touch my belly..😩😩 lucky when I was at my last trimester it was winter and I wore huge cost that hide my belly so well 😅😅 you must be so excited hai as it’s not that far now 😄😄😄

    • I am sure pregnancy is winter much better than winter for so many reasons. Next time I will remember that..The Sydney heat is killing me these days.:( .. Not long to go for me so it is getting exciting 🙂

  4. My wife never had these issues to deal with as the bump was showing only in the last 5months of her pregnancy…those months were all during winter time resulting that the wore a lot of clothes. Surely there was a bump to see with those clothes but there was a thick layer of clothes over it so people didn’t really get the idea to touch. Also back then whenwe lived inFinland most people wouldn’t do something like that anyways as finnish people are very…how to say, shy?

  5. Not sure…but I think I will feel weird…I have never rubbed any pregnant women’s tummy…not even my sisters’…may be I am the weird one here.

  6. ugh i rubbed a ex coworker’s pregnant belly before I even knew what I was doing! The look on her face was horrified.
    eek. I thought she was going to chop my hand off.
    I guess its about personal bubble and protecting the baby.
    Then there are the people who assume to know everything about pregnancies and have to tell the mom to be “they just have to do this” or “did you know?”
    Just the little things…
    Have a wonderful day!

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