My parents are leaving

6 months ago I was so happy and I wrote a post that my parents are coming to stay with us for 6 months. At that time 6 months seemed like a long time but now the time has passed and my parents are leaving this weekend.

Yes, it has been six months since their arrival. After their arrival, they organised my Dahi Chiura ceremony. They were here when we welcomed Chhori into this world and they were here for every small developments with Chhori till now.

Dahi Chiura (15)chhori (4)

We did manage to visit many places around Sydney with them. My mum loved Madame Tussad as well as other attraction like Sydney Sea life, Sydney tower, Featherdale National Park, Manly Sea Life, Sealife Sydney and many other places.

Chhaithi  (6) Nwaran  (8)

We celebrated Chhori’s Chhathi, Nawaran and Pasni, my mum’s birthday, dad’s birthday, their anniversary, our anniversary , Mother’s day and my nephew’s birthday while they were here.

Aama ko Mukh herne (5) Happy 35th Anniversary Dad & Mum (1) Happy 35th Anniversary Dad & Mum (12)

I have got so used to having them around. It has been the longest time we have been together since I left Nepal to come here. As I was not working after the birth of Chhori, I got to spend heaps of time with them, I feel so lucky to have them around and see them enjoying their grandchildren.

I loved my mum’s cooking, conversation with my dad and spoiling them with small things. It felt so good to buy them things and see them happy.

Wedding Ceremony

But in few a days, all of these are coming to an end for now. I am not sure how I will manage without them.

Not only I but Chhori and my nephew will also miss them badly as they are so used to seeing and playing with their grandma and granddad.

Happy 35th Anniversary Dad & Mum (11)

For me it will be a nightmare as it will be the first time I will be left with Chhori on my own for a long period. As AS will be working it will be Chhori and I alone the whole day. Chhori is growing so fast and has started to roll over which means I can’t even seem to blink my eyes or look away from her and she starts to roll over. I am sure I will cry the first few days.

If things work out as planned, they promise to come back again in 6 months’ time. I am hoping it will happen but in the meantime, it will be all alone with my little on.

I know I am extremely lucky to have them here even for a short period as not everyone is as lucky to have their parents here to help them after child birth but even imagining their not being here makes me so sad.

Wish me luck that I will not go crazy. Any tips on how to look after a baby on my own will be highly appreciated. I hope to share the happy news about their arrival again soon.

Until my next post, take care everyone,

M from nepaliaustralian



13 responses to “My parents are leaving

  1. Hi M, Gosh I felt your anxiousness and sadness as If I was there with you. 🙂 You and As will be fine, don’t stress. Your parents have helped you at a time when you needed them the most. Chhori is coming into a new phase of her growth and to be honest I think It’s a great time as a parent. You will have your ups and downs but overall you will be great! You and As have a great bond and that’s a huge help as a new mother. He’s your rock and your his…what more could Chhori want from here parents. 🙂
    You will be sad, but 6 months will fly by and your parents will more than likely be greeted by an adorable little Chhori walking to them. Lot’s to look forward to , dearest M. 🙂 Huge hug from Mathew and me. xxxxx

    • Thank you so much Paula. I didn’t realise that it will be so sad when they leave. I am trying to get used to their absence. We are Skypying everyday so it is something. Aren’t you coming to Sydney any time soon?

      • Mathews in Victoria for another month, so not at this point. I’m really hopeful to get there before the end of the year. Love to you Chhori and As. You are a lot stronger than you think! Skyping is a great idea and should help a little. xxxxx

  2. see time flies so quickly…though it is going to be difficult for you for few days I am sure you will handle are such a strong and confident lady..don’t worry too much…the time will come that you will soon be finding you parents with you..all these are part of accept with..when you accept it you will find peace..much love and hugs..:)

  3. hey m.. dont worry.. you will be fine.. actually great! dont think too much :0 all pics are fab..! and u look stunning in red saree 😉

  4. Hugs M. It must be quite difficult for your parents too. Hugs again. I am sure you will manage fine 🙂

  5. Your visit with your special parents was surely a lovely and blessed visit. They look like they had a wonderful time. Every time my parents came either I or one of my 3 kids would cry when they left. Tome will pass quickly until you see them sgain. You and husband plus adorable and beautiful Chhori will be just fine, my sweet friend. 🙂 xoxo

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