My feet got bigger after the pregnancy

I never knew that pregnancy could increase a woman’s foot size until I discovered that it happened to me.

my pregnancy

During my pregnancy, as my belly grew my feet did too but it is absolutely normal not to fit into your normal shoe during pregnancy due to the swelling from the extra fluid in the body. I thought it was a temporary thing but now I have discovered that my feet have permanently become bigger around half a shoe size.

I think I have no problems with most of my open shoes but the closed ones feel a little tight. I have a few favourite shoes and now I can’t wear them comfortably 😦 😦 😦

my shoes

Doing some research, I discovered that it is normal to get bigger feet because of the hormone relaxin, which loosens the joints around your pelvis so your baby can make the way down the birth canal. This also loosens the ligaments in your feet, causing the foot bones to spread. 😦 Your foot bones aren’t actually growing but it’s just that the ligaments that hold these 26 bones together aren’t as tight as they were.

As we know, I am crazy about my shoes and I feel really sad to let go of some of my favourite shoes. I know I can go crazy buying new shoes but I am not really ready to let go of my old shoes.

How I saved my shoes?During the research they also mentioned that the feet tend to grow with each pregnancy, so I may need to have another baby first before spending money on good expensive shoes.

All the mommas out there, did this happen to you as well? I am sure I am not the only one here looking at rows of beautiful pairs of shoes, that won’t fit in any more.

Take care,

M from nepaliaustralian



12 responses to “My feet got bigger after the pregnancy

  1. Thank you sharing this, I am way to excited to see my feet grow. My feet are so tiny I have to go to kids section to buy shoes 😥 Hopefully after my first baby I can splurge on shoes

  2. It is normal thing ,dear nepália.

  3. Oh yeah! I went up 2 shoe sizes and NOTHING fit me- oh well :-).


  4. No kids. I’m just here to say I love shoes too! I love buying shoes more than clothes, but I’ve gotten better at stopping myself from doing it often. haha. Btw, I tried the gizzard recipe and I love it. Thanks! 🙂

  5. Just asked my wife and her feet stayed the same size. Seems she got lucky but then again she doesn’t have too many shoes :p

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