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WAF (Wife acceptance factor)

AS has been talking about buying an expensive surround sound system for a while now. We haven’t really gone to the store to get one yet but I know that we will have different opinions already. He will love something more expensive as by default it will be better but I can’t justify a very expensive sound system. I really don’t need a cinema experience at home. To be honest I will be very happy with whatever setup we currently have.

Anyway, we always have this kind of difference when it comes to technology. Even though I love technology, I can’t justify buying the most expensive ones. This morning AS sent me an email at work with a link to wiki of WAF (Wife acceptance factor).

I really didn’t know what it was but this is how wiki defines it:

Wife Acceptance Factor, Wife Approval Factor, or Wife Appeal Factor(WAF), are design elements that increase the likelihood a wife will approve the purchase of expensive consumer electronics products such as high-fidelity loudspeakers, home theater systems and personal computers. Stylish, compact, unobtrusive forms and appealing colors are commonly considered WAF. The term is a tongue-in-cheek play on electronics jargon such as “form factor” and “power factor” and derives from the gender stereotype that men are predisposed to appreciate gadgetry and performance criteria whereas women must be wooed by visual and aesthetic factors

If you want to know more here is the link.

I kind of understand how it came about as in most marriage, each other’s opinion matters but that doesn’t apply to men only, what about HAF (Husband acceptance factor).

So I emailed him back asking,” What about Husband acceptance factor?”

His answer was  “No such thing! 😀 Husbands have no choice in the matter 😛

In some way I was happy to see his reply but at the same time he and I both know that it is not true. Tell me if I am wrong but we girls are very thoughtful beings and ask the approval of husband/partners when buying dresses, bags, shoes, curtains, flowers, decorations and the list is very long. AS was surprised sometimes that I called him to check his opinion even when I am thinking to buy something at $5. I will definitely consider these actions as Husband Acceptance Factor.

Do you agree with my opinion? If there is a Wife Acceptance Factor on wiki, we need to have Husband Acceptance Factor as well because it does exist.

Please share you experience in Husband (partner)  Acceptance Factor.

Take care everyone,

M from nepaliaustralian