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Aastha journey’s in Asia’s Next Top Model

I am sure you remember Aastha Pokharel who was representing Nepal for Asia’s next Top Model here.  I was really busy lately so didn’t have time to catch up but finally I was able to watch up to Episode 10 over the weekend. I am already a big fan of this show as it gives aspiring models a big chance in their career and at the same time teachs them how to be a better model giving them opportunities to learn during the show.

Asia’s Next Top Model started out with 14 contestants from all over Asia and Aastha was representing Nepal. The show is doing really well and I love every challenge they get.

Here is what has happened with Aastha so far. I really thinking she is doing a great job and has a huge potential to be a world class model.

Episode 1 Little India Shoot

Episode 2 Wearing Prada for Harper’s Bazaar

Her group won the best group and she won best photo for this shoot and she deserve it.

Episode 3 Chinese Zodiac Shoot: Aastha as a rat

In this episode all the girls were given a makeover and Aastha’s long hair was cut short. She was really not happy with her new look and it took its toll on her photo-shoot. I do like her new look .

Episode 4 Photo with hot Jason Godfrey

Aastha really impressed judges with this shot and was the runner up on the ‘Be Sexy’ shoot.

Episode 5 French Riviera shoots

I really like this photo of Aastha. She was runner up on this shot as well but I really think it was the best shot.

Episode 6 Tresemme Beauty Shoot

For this episode, everyone made an ad for Tresemme writing their own script and performing in a commercial.  Aastha won this challenge with the following ad.

Episode 7 Environmental campaign

In this one Aastha struggled and her photo was not so great.

Episode 8 A haute couture red dress

During this shoot Aastha was told she needs to keep her energy up during the shoot. But I loved this shot of her. Aastha came third.

Episode 9 Underwater photo-shoot

This was one of the worst one for Aastha was it was an underwater shot and she cannot swim. But I am so proud of her since she managed to overcome her fear of the water and gave a great shot.

Episode 10 Movement and passion

I really like her ad for Suvaru with Girls on the Move concept.

Later during the photo-shoot, Aastha complained that her dress and hair wasn’t working for her. I felt bad for her but she still managed to give nice shot which judges thought had a great pose but her face was blank.

If you are interested please click the following to watch it from the start. I am waiting for the last 2 episodes to come on YouTube now  🙂

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Aastha Pokharel representing Nepal on Asia’s Next Top Model

I am sure you all know the show called America’s Next Top Model. We have our own version here in Australia called Australia’s Next Top Model. They are doing a new Pan-Asian version of it called Asia’s Next Top Model and I am so glad to see Nepal being represented in this contest.  🙂

The new Pan-Asian television series gives young Asian women, with modelling aspirations, an opportunity to prove that they can make it in the high-stress, high-stakes world of international modelling. Coming from various backgrounds across Asia, the series follows the top model hopefuls as they live and compete against each other for the coveted prizes.

Hosted by Nadya Hutagalung, the show charts the transformation of aspiring models into successful top models. With fashion director Daniel Boey, fashion photographer Todd Anthony Tyler and model mentor Joey Mead King guiding and mentoring the top model hopefuls, these young women will see themselves competing in a highly-accelerated modelling boot camp to top model fame.

The winner of the first season will be offered a contract with one of the top modelling agencies in Asia and/or Europe.

Aastha Pokharel is representing Nepal and she should do a great job as she has lots of experiences as a model in Nepal.

Here are some details of Aastha Pokharel

  • From: Kathmandu, Nepal
  • Education: Bachelor in Nursing
  • DOB: 10/24/1991
  • Sex: Female
  • Height: 5’9″
  • Weight: 53 kgs
  • Waist:   25.5″

Asia’s Next Top Model will be broadcasted across Asia from late 2012. With 13 episodes of fresh new Asian modelling talent, you would be exposed to the calibre of work and passion that builds and sustains this industry.

Wishing Aastha all the best on her journey. Please support Aastha Pokharel and her journey on Asia’s Next Top Model.

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