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My first day without car

As I wrote in my post yesterday, I had a car accident and I know it is not a big deal but my day is turning out to be so much more interesting.

One of the problems of not having a car for me is going to work. My work is not very far from my place but catching a public transport takes twice as much time so I was looking for alternative transport to go to work.

I have to admit it is laziness on my part due to which I don’t want to think about public transportation as the first option. Anyway when I was talking to one of my colleagues at work I found out that she lived near my place. She offered to pick me up for next few days. As she was new, I didn’t want to bother her but she was happy to offer me a ride. It was a kind of relief for me as well as I don’t have to wake up too early to catch a train and a bus to get to work and she seemed happy to help me.

So this morning as we had planned I reached the pickup point and waited for her. I thought I will let her know that I am here so decided to call her up. Imagine my horror when the number was unreachable. I tried a couple more times and I still could not reach her. I must have noted her number incorrectly. I waited for around 20 minutes and still there was no sign of her. I really didn’t know what to do that point so called work to see if anyone had her number.

As she is new, no one had her number. I really didn’t want her to waste her time looking for me but I couldn’t do anything at the same time so I decided to catch the public transport to work. I would feel horrible if she was looking for me so I left a message at work to let her know that I was catching a train if she called. For a Friday morning, my day was not looking good.

To top of all this, the insurance company called.

The lady: Hi, Can I speak to M, please.

Me: M speaking.

The lady: I am calling regarding the accident that happened yesterday.

Me: Yes.

The lady: So you are taking full responsibility of the accident.

I could not believe my ears but I should have expected something like that looking at how the day was going.

Me: I am sorry but I don’t take any responsibility as it is not my fault. I am on the train right now so I will call you when I get to work.

After that I hung up. I was really horrified but then I couldn’t do much at that time. I know the lady who called is just doing her job and it is the other driver’s fault.

Anyway, I came to work late. The colleague who was to pick me up, called and I realised I typed her number wrong. She forgot to take the piece of paper she wrote my number on at work so she couldn’t reach me either. She was very apologetic and felt sorry for the situation. I know it was not her fault and the situation sucked and there was nothing we could do.

Anyway I called the police. They gave me the incident number which I am to give to the insurance company.

I called insurance company as well. I told them what happened this morning and now our claim is under dispute which means both of the drivers will tell their side of the story. Then, they will investigate and will let us know the outcome. I know it will be a while before this will get settled. I also called the car repairer and he said it will take at least two weeks to get the car fixed. So I guess I need to start becoming realistic and catch a train to work to save me from more headaches.

I am sorry I am complaining about my first world problem here but I blog about my everyday life and here is another day in my life.

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