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Chhori, my best friend

I am a social being, an extrovert who always wants to be in the company of others. For me nothing is worse than staying home doing nothing. I never understand how people can stay home for weeks without meeting anyone. I guess each to their own but for me contact with another human being is really important.

chhori (3)

When my parents were here, I never had to think about being alone or lonely. They were always around to help, look after Chhori and make me smile. I really miss not living with family because after more than a decade I again felt the love of living with family. I had almost forgotten how it felt to have your loved ones around who love you unconditionally.

Then the D day arrived and my parents left for Nepal. It was going to be just me and Chhori for five days a week while AS was at work. I know I am very lucky to have so much time off work to look after Chhori because in Australia, we can take up to two years unpaid maternity leave. If you are very lucky, your work will pay you for a few months and the government will also pay 18 weeks minimum pay during the maternity leave. Most women choose to take a year off as financially going without income for more is too hard. One year is a good time as the baby is then old enough to go to childcare without too many problems.

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Anyway so it has been only me and Chhori for almost a month now. I have to admit I was very scared initially. I wasn’t sure how I was going to take care of her. How would she react to being with me alone when she has been so used to my mum being here? What will I do if something goes wrong? I had millions of questions in my mind but after a month I have to admit I feel more confident taking care of Chhori and we are a great duo now :).

I have slowly got into a routine with her so we have meal times, play times, sleep times and rest times. She loves to go out so I try to do different activities with her and she loves it. We visit friends and family and she loves all the attention that she gets.

chhori (4)

A few days a week, we stay home and we love it. Only me and her. Slowly she has become my best friend and I don’t feel lonely or alone when staying home with her.

We talk, we sing, we dance (okay I dance for her and she loves to watch 🙂 ), we have baths and we watch TV together. She loves when I play with her and talk to her. She loves when I take her photos and these days she has started smiling a lot.

chhori (2)

I know they say  “A daughter is a mother’s best friend.” I am so close to my mum and I always wished to have the same beautiful bond with Chhori. It is amazing that the beautiful bond has already started and I am so happy for both of us.

I now understand her different types of cry and act quickly to keep her happy. We talk baby talk even though the words have no meaning. I know it sounds silly but anyone who has kids know how cute these talks are :). Also it is a big part of their development.


Now I no longer feel the need to meet someone every day as I feel Chhori is always here for me and she keeps me happy, my life feels complete by her presence.

I am no longer scared to be alone with her as she is my best friend and we are lucky to spend so much time together. We love each other and know how to make each other laugh. She has so many tricks up her sleeves to keep me amused that no days feel the same and I look forward to each new day.

cchori (2)

These days, she tries to grab whatever she can get hold of and put it in her mouth. So I giver her my cheeks and she kisses them. That definitely melts my heart every time. I guess I could write about our beautiful bond forever but I need to stop here for this post.

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I am sure, every child has a beautiful bond with their parents and being a first time mum I’m discovering that slowly. Please share the  early memories of your child and you which brings a smile to your lips even now. I hope to read heaps of heart warming events from all of you.

Take care everyone and have a great weekend.
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