Rhyme times

Now that my parents have left, I am left with Chhori all day five days a week. I didn’t know how hard would be to entertain a baby every day. So I have decided to take her out and about more often.

I can’t believe how happy she becomes when we go out. She just looks around and her eyes light up. It is a great pleasure to see her so happy. Also when we are out, she doesn’t seem to need to eat or change nappy as often.

Chhori (2)

Anyway our local council does rhyme times for kids every Monday and I have started to take Chhori there and I am so glad I did. She loves it and I now wish I had gone earlier.

The rhyme times is for 30 minutes. During that time, we sing and act out the rhymes, and share great books for babies. During sessions the parents, grandparents and carers sit with their child and the library staff guides us through a selection of songs and rhymes. It’s noisy, fun and a wonderful chance to learn some new songs. We sing each song a few times so that we can all learn the words.

Chhori (1)

The rhymes and songs are great and Chhori seems to enjoy them a lot. After the rhymes, they take all the toys out and kids can have fun. Chhori is so excited to see all the new toys. She loves all the attention she gets from other kids too.

Please share some tips and tricks to entertain a baby. Chhori seems to lose interest in anything after a few minutes.

Take care everyone and will share more motherhood stories soon.

M from nepaliaustralian



17 responses to “Rhyme times

  1. Can’t believe how fast she’s growing! Beautiful 🙂

  2. :-)……happy dance…..

  3. Bad for what ?? and what is enough ?? Come on…..we are witnessing every sentiment you are going through and things you are doing for her…..its your first time so you are feeling that way. No need to feel bad about yourself. parenting is learnt by trial and error. Everyone has his/her own way to deal with everything, so just keep your eyes behind your head as well as she has started to be active now…….everything will be easy after sometime. 🙂 And i have no idea how mothers WITHOUT ANY HELP DO IT !!!! HATS OFF TO THEM. I HAVE 2 GIRLS NOW 🙂

    • Thank you for your moral boosting words. You have always been there to make me feel better when I am down. I am not sure you realize it or not but it just made me believe in myself more . Thanks heaps…

  4. Great doing as a first time mom. She is so adorable. Give her my hugs…..

  5. She is really beautiful! You are doing so well for your first time as a Mother.

  6. What a cutie! My baby is three now – they do get easier as they get older! Definitely you are doing the right thing taking her out and about – they get most grumpy and bored when they are at home. Join as many mother baby groups as you can as they are best entertained when there are other kids about. Sand and water are great toys and anything messy! Hand painting and making cakes – even jumping in muddy puddles! Don’t be afraid to let your kids get messy and dirty (it all washes off and builds a strong immune system!) Kids also love helping mama, especially as they get older – Saira loves helping me in the kitchen – I give her a small piece of chapatti dough to play with when I am cooking and then I cook her ‘patti’ and she delights in eating something she made herself. If I am cleaning I give her a small brush and she enjoys to copy me sweeping. Also baby swimming classes are great – I started mine at 12 weeks old so they are never too young to get involved! Good luck! x

  7. amomofabeautifuldaughter

    hi M
    i know this storty time sessions are so good for kids.. i wish they had long sessions though .. half an hour is so short … and take her to play groups as well .. check with your local church … play groups are so much fun .. u get to meet with other parents .. share ideas .. and all .. i m sure u will enjoy it .. and your little one will have an awesome time … 🙂

  8. she’s shooooooooo cute

  9. Awww she is looking so happy and cute with the toys 🙂

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