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Wheatgrass Nepal ( जमराको जुस )

Wheatgrass Nepal

Phone : 5534288 if you are looking for wheatgrass in Kathmandu.

Address : Kumaripati, Lalitpur.

Many people have landed on my blog looking for wheatgrass juice in Kathmandu so hoping this post will help them to find the information faster.

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Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea 2016

Like every year, my work place hosted Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea for Cancer Council Australia and I was in charge of the decoration.

This charity is close to my heart as so many people around me are diagnosed with this terrible disease. I am glad I could contribute to the great cause.

As it would be silly to waste money on decorations every year, we decided to reuse the decoration and here are some photos from the day with the decoration and contribution of mouth-watering foods.

Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea 2016 (5) Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea 2016 (3) Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea 2016 (4)

I am always amazed by the different types of food people bring and it is good to know that we have raised money for a good cause.

Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea 2016 (6) Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea 2016 (2) Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea 2016 (1)

Does your work place host something similar? Please share some ideas for decorations and making the event more fun and I will use them next year.

Take care everyone.

M from nepaliaustralian


Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea 2014

Like every year, our work hosted Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea 2014 for the Cancer Council. Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea is Australia’s most popular fundraising event and the largest, most successful event of its kind. Please click here to learn more about it.

This year, I was given the responsibility to decorate for it. With the help of a few colleagues I decorated the hall in blue and yellow and I am so glad that everyone loved the décor and it was a success.

Australian Biggest morning tea (2) Australian Biggest morning tea (14) Australian Biggest morning tea (4) Australian Biggest morning tea (3) Australian Biggest morning tea (8) Australian Biggest morning tea (7)Australian Biggest morning tea (5)Australian Biggest morning tea (6)Australian Biggest morning tea (10)Australian Biggest morning tea (12)Australian Biggest morning tea (13)

I even dressed in yellow 🙂

Australian Biggest morning tea (1)Australian Biggest morning tea (9) Australian Biggest morning tea (11)

As always, everyone chipped in with food and we managed to raise good sum of money. People were really creative with what they cooked and the food tasted so good. Look at the amazing amount of food we had.

If you would like to support the cause, please visit their website.

How thoughtful!!!

Recently AS changed his job.

AS: I am worried now that I may not be able to give blood regularly like before.

Me: Why?

AS: Because the blood donation place is not nearby like before so I might forget when it’s time to donate blood.

Isn’t he sweet that he is making blood donation a priority in his life I am so proud of him. As you can see me and AS are big on giving blood so please roll your sleeves and give blood.

Please read these posts for more information.

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What is life?

Today I received a very sad email from a former colleague. She used to work with us but had to quit job as her cancer was spreading and she needed to rest. That was 2 years ago. She used to come to work from time to time and we’d go for lunch.

She is one of the happiest persons I know. Despite of her illness, she is always cheerful and had a positive outlook toward life. She is on my Facebook and I am amazed and inspired by her view in life. She always has many good things on her time line. One of the best was

“Just because you can’t see the air, doesn’t mean you stop breathing.

Just because you can’t see God, doesn’t mean you stop believing.”

But unfortunately, in the last 2 months, her health got worse. She was in hospital for a week and now she has decided to leave Australia to be with her family.

Here is a part of her email we received

Hello all,

First of all, my apologies for I haven’t been in touch for long as you might know about my illness. Things happened so fast in the last two months. I have been in the hospital with critical heath conditions. Unfortunately, the CT Scan did show a bad sign of widely spread cancer. So what the oncologist can do was only try to fix the critical problems. Then the only option will be chemotherapy but there is no guarantee, So I decided not to undergo chemo but flying back home to be with my family instead.

As I am leaving this coming week, I would like to take this opportunity to say Thanks and Good Bye to all of you. I had such a very good time in the past 6 years working with everyone, not just like a colleague but as friends. I was so lucky to get to know you guys and had the best friendship ever. Thanks for everything you have done for me. I don’t think if I can find any words to tell how much appreciated I am to be surrounding by good people like you all.

God brought me here to get to know you so I believe this won’t be forever Good Bye but just temporary leaving for good and get myself back on track again. God will working out thing and will walk with me to get thru this tough time, then he will bring me back to see everyone again. Hope and Faith in God bring me the miracle blossom in this moment. I will never give up life and will battling with my spiritual. Thanks God for his loving and blessing. Thanks God for giving me such a very good friends like you guys. I will be back I promise.

I would love to say Bye to everyone myself but unfortunately I am not be able to do that. I will miss you all heaps and will always think of you. You all will always in my prayer.

God Bless you all

Love and Thanks from the bottom of my heart,

Reading the email, I couldn’t stop crying. It is so sad to read her email. I wished I was in touch with her more in past but I really didn’t know what to say. I did keep in touch but may be not enough. And now she will be very far from here and I know I am going to miss her.

In life, we work for money, live for money and fight for money but without health, money is nothing. We refuse to forgive for tiny mistakes and we hold grudges for a long time. When something like this happens to someone near to us, we realise the value of good health and family.

But what is life without a good health? Why do we need to fight when there is enough in this world to share with everyone? Why do we bitch, gossip and dominate when one day all of us will leave this world empty handed?

I just want to request all of you to pray for my friend and for her good health. I hope with all our prayers she will be better soon and will live a normal life. I hope to see the beautiful smile on her face again and very soon.

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