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Sharwan Sankranti

Shrawan is the fourth month in the Nepali Hindu calendar. The word Sankranti means transmigration of the Sun from one Rashi (zodiac in Nepali astrology) to another and is also the beginning of the Nepali months. The day when the sun begins to move southwards is called Shrawan Sankranti.

My Facebook wall is painted with my friends’ photos with mehendi (henna ) and green and yellow chura (bangles) on their hands from the 1st of the Sharwan (17 July).

Shrawan month is considered as the holiest month of the year for Hindus and each Somvar (Monday) of this month known as Shrawan Somvar is a special day in Shiva temples. For women this month is all about Mehendi (henna tattoos) and green/yellow chura.

According to a legend, Sanat Kumar asked lord Shiva why Shravan Monday is his favourite day. So lord Shiva Mahadev told him that Sati devi did Sankalpa that to get Mahadev as husband in every birth before her spirit left her body in her father’s house with the power of Yoga. In another of her births, Sati devi took birth in Himachal as Parvathi as the daughter of Queen Menka. Parvati fasted the whole month of Shravan and pleased Mahadev and so was married to him. Due to these reasons it is regarded as the main month for worshiping Lord Mahadev.

During this month Hindu women wear red attire with green and yellow bangles, pray for the long and prosperous life for their husbands. For married women, along with green/yellow glass bangles on their wrists, they also wear strings of green pote (glass beads) around their necks. It is believed that green glass bangles are worn for fulfilling one’s desires and wishing a happy and prosperous life to families.

On the other hand, unmarried girls of marriageable age also wear bangles in hopes of getting a handsome guy, and for those who already have boyfriends, making them husbands.

In addition, women perform rituals for Lord Shiva, the god of destruction, at the Pashupati temple and other Shiva temples like in Makhan, Hanuman Dhoka in Kathmandu, capital of Nepal.

Another important facet of Sharwan month is “Bol Bam” pilgrimage. Thousands of devotees visit the Bol Bam Dham, a pilgrimage to offer their worship to Lord Shiva. The pilgrims shout ‘Bol Bam’ or ‘Bol Bam’ meaning ‘Say Shiva’ during the pilgrimage. The devotees run or walk barefooted for kilometers to reach the Pashupatinath Temple for their good health, wealth and happiness.

It looks like everyone is excited to follow the tradition, both young and old, who paint their hands and wear green/yellow chura. I am so glad that everyone is excited on this month and is helping save the tradition and culture.

Happy Sharwan Sankranti !!!

Take care everyone!


M from nepaliaustralian

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Bhuhari is going to Nepal

Bhuhari means daughter in law in Nepali.

As per our plan, I have booked my flight to go to Kathmandu, Nepal for mid of December.  I know I have been back form my Europe trip not long ago and l haven’t finished blogging about places we visited in Europe but it has been more than a year since we went to Nepal so, it is a perfect time to go again. We will be using our Christmas and New Year break with our annual leave to accommodate this holiday.

We will be going via Bangkok and will be stopping over for 4 days to do some sightseeing , some shopping and meeting AS’s family . We had been to Thailand before but I will be really nice to go again and meet AS’s new niece. She is so cute.

While in Nepali, my nephew will have his Pasni ceremony as well so we have a celebration and a holiday with our family. My brother, sister in law and nephew will be travelling there before us.

I always like to book my holiday in advance so I can look forward to the day and that keeps me going. I am always very eager to go to Nepal and I am this time as well but I have some fear of all the changes I will face.

This time, going to Nepal will be very different for me than ever before. This will be first time for me to go to my home town as a Bhuhari. It may sound strange in western society but life after marriage for Nepali women is very different than here. Lots of things do change which I haven’t really felt because I am in Australia but that will affect me while I am in Nepal.

Every time, I go to Kathmandu, my parents would come to pick me up at the airport but I am not sure what will happen this time. Because I am meant to go to AS’s house (my new home) from the airport. I am thinking to tell my parents not to come to the airport to receive me as I don’t want them to go home without me but instead am planning to go and visit there on the same day in the evening.

I will have to divide my time between two houses this time and I have no idea how I can manage that easily.

Going to Nepal always meant waking up late, not exercising , being spoilt my parents with yummy food , going out and meeting my friends and relatives, a short break to somewhere with my parents and lots of relaxation.

But I am not too sure I can keep this attitude in my new home.  I think it will be very rude to wake up at 8 am and go to kitchen where my MIL will be preparing breakfast for everyone. We have help but still she likes to do lot of things herself. Don’t get me wrong, as I have mentioned before as well, my MIL is very understanding and caring lady but still I can’t be spoilt the way my mum makes me when I am with her.

I am not too sure how I need to plan my days as there are lots of pending invitation we need to attend this time form AS families’ side. As it is a culture in Nepal to invite newlyweds for dinner after their wedding, we got lot of those invitations after our wedding last year. But as we had only 4 days after the wedding, we declined them and told everyone that we will be visiting them next time when we come back to Kathmandu. That means most of our evenings we’ll be dining out either at AS’s relatives’ house or mine’s.

Even in terms of clothing, I don’t know what I will be expected to wear. Like I mentioned in my post before, married women in Nepal dress differently after their wedding. So I am sure I can’t dress however I want. I don’t really mind wearing Sari and Kurta while I am there but it will be mid-winter so I am not too sure how easy it is going to be. Even a year after the wedding I will be a newlywed buhari so I need to learn all the right manners :).

I am sure with all the confusion and anxiety I am still going to have a great time with my two beautiful families, just thinking about it makes me bit anxious sometimes though. There is still a long time till I land in Kathmandu but I can’t wait to write about my experience and Nepal  from Kathmandu  🙂