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Transformation of my social life

There used to be time when I was young and carefree!!! 

I feel so old now and my social life may be to blame for that. 

Once upon a time not so long ago, I used to look forward to social gatherings and outings. It used to be all about us going out and having fun. All of us were young and most of us were single. Then slowly, everything started to change as one by one all my friends started to get married. 

Then my social events mostly included couples and their wedding parties followed by their anniversary parties and baby showers soon after. 

Now I am going to kid’s party so often. Being recently married, we are not thinking of kids yet but we are surrounded by them. Last Sunday one of my good friend’s daughter turned 3 and there was a BBQ party in a park. It was an afternoon event so when we reached the park, there were lots of kids there with their parents already starting the party. 

There were kids playing on the swings while a few were running around and shouting. Most of the men were around the BBQ while there were ladies who were sitting in the picnic area talking.

 After a brief hello to some people and wishing the little girl a happy birthday, I was left surrounded by lots of woman mostly married with kids while AS was chatting with some guys . 

While hanging out with the mums, I realise that most of the conversation revolved around babies so I had nothing to contribute. 

I used to say things like “ohoo. it is so hard once you have a baby” then every mum had the same answer for my comment “Not at all, it is so much pleasure than pain”. So I started saying “That is so great to have a baby, so much pleasure.” which was an even worst statement as they gave me a look that said, “You don’t know what you are talking about.” So I realised that both of the statements weren’t totally accurate so it was better to keep my mouth shut.

Back to the table, I heard them talking excitedly about how Jonny did in school sports or how Nina has started to walk now. They started amm… and aaaahaaaa…. about each others’ babies and the events surrounding them. All I could do was just smile and nod. 

I was remembering how BBQ used to be before but now that is my social life. I think I will fit in perfectly with all these women when I have my own baby but until then I don’t know how many functions and BBQs I will have to attend where all I will be doing is lots of nodding of my head. 

I absolutely love babies but I guess untill I am a mother myself, I won’t know what to say and when to ammmm.. and aaahhaaa… 

This weekend I have a baby shower, a one year’s birthday party and a wedding to attend. I am really hoping I will have at least a few people in these events who I can relate and talk to.