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First day @ swim school

Australia has a lot of beaches everywhere so swimming is a necessary skill here. We wanted Chhori to learn to swim from an early age so we have taken her to a swimming pool before but we just let her relax in her floater while we swim.

chhori (2)

Recently we had been looking for a swimming school for her and finally we enrolled Chhori into a swim school. It was so hard to find a spot in a school which operates classes on weekends for kids less than 2 years but finally found a place available in one.

Last week was her first class and I was not sure what to expect, the class is 30 minutes long. One of the parents needs to go into the water with the baby and hubby volunteered me to do that. I am happy to be part of it as I want to learn how to teach her to swim when we are not in the class.

chhori (1)

It is going to be our weekly activity now and I am excited to see how Chhori will be at the end of it.

There were 7 another babies in the class with Chhori and each had a parent with them.

chhori (4)

The class started with some introduction and it was followed by splashes and paddles. We went through a few songs like humpty dumpty and wheel on the bus and did the actions. We did the same songs a few times so the babies get used to it. We also showed the babies how to blow bubbles and then had a few water toys which they were encouraged to grab. Chhori was having fun with each activity.

chhori (2)

30 minutes passed too fast and the class was over. Chhori had great fun and was still excited so we stayed in the pool for another 15 minutes or so playing and repeating what the instructor had shown during the class.

chhori (3)

I am looking forward to more classes and I am super happy that Chhori is enjoying the class and learning at the same time.

Please share your swim school experience. Also please share tips on how I can help Chhori to learn swimming better.

Take care,

M from nepaliaustralian