Aerobic kick boxing

We recently joined Aerobic kick boxing classes.

Aerobic Kickboxing is a non-contact kickboxing combined with the energy and vigour of an aerobic class format.

Its is spring now and summer will be here in no time. So in order to get our body fit for our Christmas holiday, we decided that it would be a good idea to join some fitmess class so we would exercise regularly. It was really hard to exercise during winter as it was so cold and most of the days, by the time we returned home from work, it was dark outside.

I really find it funny that both me and AS are very disciplined and go to class regularly when we pay for some classes. Before this we have also gone for Thai kick boxing classes and it was great.

After the first class, both our bodies ached for days but we still loved it. We have a gym and a pool in our building but we didn’t use that in winter.

When it is summer, we are much better as both of us love to swim.

Anyway, when we decided to join Aerobic kick boxing, we thought it will be somewhat similar to Thai kick boxing we went to earlier but it is not at all similar. Thai kick boxing is mostly working with a partner with gloves on. They will show you how to punch, kick and guard. But aerobic kick boxing have no contact at all. We normally dance on Adel and Rihanna’s songs.

I am sure if AS had known of this before we joined, he would not have gone with me for the class but now he is loving it.

The class is conducted in a basketball court of a local school. The class normally has 15-20 people, mostly gals but there are a few men and kids too. Our instructor is really good. I think she is in her 50’s, but super fit. There are so many combinations of techniques she uses sometimes I feel lost. The funniest part is I always mess up my right from left :).

Normally we do warm up for first 10 minutes followed by 5 minutes of sit ups. I thought I was in good shape but she proved me wrong. Then work out will have punches, guards and fast drills which is definitely working out my body. And it is concluded by doing stretches. By the end of an hours class, I feel as if I have been working out for hours.

Hope to lose few inches before summer!!!

7 responses to “Aerobic kick boxing

  1. Hello,in which place did you startedaerobic kickboxing,is it here in nepal?

  2. if its kickboxing im in

  3. I have never tried kick boxing but right now Zumba is my favourite workout. I don’t feel like I am working out , its like I am in a club dancing away.Keep up the good work M.

  4. Ups…………what woman are doing for a good figur.
    One time in the week I go to aerobic dancing. Its hard and after the kurs my feeling are so tired and done, but during the aerobic time I enjoy.
    After work out chocolate is more yummy….hahahhahaha
    have fun further

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