The Maxi dress

It is summer here and maxi dress is back in fashion. I love it since a woman of any shape and size can wear this dress and their feminine features shine with this dress. They are really comfortable, trendy, sexy and easy to pull off.

I love the summery print ones and I have a few of them but last week I went and bought a plane aqua one. While I was shopping I saw them in various patterns, colours and cut.

I also love maxi dresses because it is easy to accessorise as you can wear flat thongs or ballet shoe for causal wear or wear high heels for an evening out.

Lots of celebrities are also wearing maxi dress and it looks so cool.

Maxi dress are a must have for this summer if you are looking to buy something this summer.

The only bad part for me with maxi dress is that I need to alter the length in some of the dresses and it is really pricey to do an alteration. It is really important to get the right length on a maxi dress as too long or too short will look funny.

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25 responses to “The Maxi dress

  1. Thanks for this post! Can I get maxi dresses in Nepal when I arrive? I’m also looking for trekking attire…skirts and boots. 🙂

  2. I love this trend, bringing back some feminine looks that can be a little edgy with a denim jacket. The last time (in history), these were in style, I was in junior high…1970 something

  3. WordsFallFromMyEyes

    I love the colours, just love those colours under the sun 🙂

  4. hi there how to avail your summer long dress:)

  5. its really AWESOME!!!!!

  6. Wearing one today! I always get compliments when I have it on! So simple & comfortable.

  7. I always fail miserably with long dress, so much so that I wish I’d work a short dress at my wedding…maybe then I wouldn’t have looked like an over-ripe plum.

    You look great in a maxi! I’m now thinking of having one made here–perhaps a nice tailor is the trick to a nice maxi dress!

    • Thanks Kay. Every maxi dress I bought needed alternation which is really expensive here but I have no choice 🙂 Anyway you are lucky that you can get anything made in India and it doesn’t cost as much…

      I loved your wedding dress. I think long is the way to go for weddings 😀

  8. Seeing your post makes me so jealous. We just got hit by a LOT of snow 😦

  9. If I m wearing long dress, then I m look like a dug……hahahahha
    Because I m 1,52cm tall, or better I say small……

    Nice dress on you.
    Yeyeye you have summertime……..

  10. You’re making me want to buy a maxi dress! 🙂

  11. I love maxi dresses! Easy fashion to pull off 🙂

  12. One thing I cannot wear, they don’t fit correctly… separates are necessary for me – but I wish I could. These are gorgeous!

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