I wish I had my own sister too!!!

The title says it all. I have a brother but I always wanted a sister as well.  I wish I had one even more for the last few years.

As I grew older, I always loved my brother and never thought not having a sister as any disadvantage at all. But for the last few years, I realised that a sister can be your best friend that you can have no matter what happens in life.

Most of the times friends come and go but if I had a sister I would have had her for my life time.

One of the reasons that triggered this thought was because everyone around me had a sister. All my cousins have their own sister and I can see that they are closer now than when they were kids. They share their happiness and sorrow and they know they have this one person in life they can rely on no matter what. I wish I had the same as well.

I felt the pain even more when I went to Nepal to get married. One of my cousins got married before me. She had her sister’s help in every step of her plan till the day she got married. She was her shopping partner and planning partner. They went everywhere together and were always there when she needed a hand. It was so great to see that she was never too stressed as she knew that there was someone she could count on.

After four months of her wedding I went to Nepal to get married. Unfortunately for me as I have no sister, I ended up doing everything for the wedding on my own. And you know from my posts that Nepalese wedding is not a small affair. I didn’t want to bother my parents so I used to be out of the house everyday doing one thing or another. It is not easy in Nepal like it is here. You can’t do things online or over the phone so you have to meet people for every little thing. That time I so wished I had a sister so I would have gotten some help.

I had a few friends who helped me but I couldn’t expect them to take time off from their work to be with me. If I’d had a sister I am sure she would have done that. Thank god everything went as planned and I am really happy that my parents are so happy with me as well.

After a year of my wedding another of my cousins got married. She lives in US but got married in Nepal. Lucky for her, she has a sister as well so everything was perfectly done when she came to Nepal for wedding. She just came a day before the first day of her wedding and everything was all set.

I guess some people are just plain lucky that they get everything in their life so easily while others have to work hard to get anything in life.

I am not even sure what I want to convey with this post but sometimes when I am alone and have a moment for myself, I wonder and think if I had my own sisters like others do, would my life have been better in some aspect.

I have to be thankful that my life is perfectly fine. I am healthy with loving parents and husband. My work is going fine and I am achieving lot of my dreams. But then there are some areas of life that I feel lack something. I feel like I just want to rant sometimes and today it ended up as a blog.

27 responses to “I wish I had my own sister too!!!

  1. This is a late comment, I know. I just couldn’t stop myself. I am a boy, one of the twins we are. I have a younger brother too, but of late I’ve been wishing I had a baby sister too. I have cousins and I have friends who I could say are almost good enough. But why would I write If I didn’t have that feeling now? I miss not having a little sister I grew up with. And yes @Shilu, we do spend too much time dwelling on what we can’t have, but isn’t it being human to wish?

  2. I have two sisters, one is older, then the youngest. Yes, I’m a middle child, so I get to play two roles – the baby sister and the older one too. We used to fight and argue a lot when we were young, but now that we are all grown ups (both of them are married now), it is different. We are closer now than ever. But I always wished that I had an older brother too to protect me. I guess like you said,we always want what we don’t have.

  3. AWWWW. I AM left an emotional one after reading this post. Believe me , i too have a younger brother but always wished for a darling sister as well. It happens to all in one point of time that we keep on thinking about what we don’t have. Dont dwell in too much and i am happy you are thinking about having a Daughter. 🙂 It’s a blissful feeling i can not even get to write in words. You need to experience. Take care. A Daughter will fulfill your life in many ways. 🙂

  4. I always wanted an older sister. I have a younger sister but she’s very removed from my life. I have an older cousin who is like my big sister. At my wedding (although now I’m divorced) my sister couldn’t make it, but my cousin came and was my maid of honor. She is my big sister in so many ways.

  5. I had always wanted a sister. Then I had a daughter…


  6. Me too! I don’t have a sister either, but my brother is a pretty awesome guy! 🙂

  7. Oh, man….. * borrow *, instead of bottow. * palmface*

  8. I have an older sister who , fortunately, is a fashionista… I et to bottow her stuff. ha ha ha

  9. I’ve always wanted a brother just because I think they are protective but more than that I always wished my sister was older or closer to my age. We have a 7 year gap and I spent most of my childhood on my own so I wasn’t in the mood to welcome and share the attention with a new child. Even though it’s smoother now there are many a times when I realise how our gap would always be present and we grew up different people. I guess we all have those incomplete wishes M 🙂 but luckily you’re already married! Hehe 🙂

  10. There are days I’d happily let you have my sister. 🙂

  11. Hey i would be interested in your opinions on my latest post since you are a Nepali but living in Aus. Thanks!

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