Slow down people, smell the flower

This morning when I was waiting for the lift in my apartment, one of my neighbours came to wait for the lift as well. I had already pressed the button to call the lift and it was visible as the red light was on. But she kept pressing the button as if it would bring the lift quicker. Once the lift came she rushed inside and I follow her. I press the ground floor button. She was going to do the same floor so she pressed the already pressed button few times. She looked so impatient in the lift and as soon as the door opened at the ground floor, she rushed out. I was just wondering what the rush was about. I have seen so many people rushing to their destination all the time.

I always see drivers’ impatience trying to change lanes in busy traffic even though they know it won’t get them to their destination any sooner. Even though they run red light in one place, I normally catch them at the next red light anyway so I don’t understand why they are risking their own and others life like that.

Today on the way to work I just wanted to observe people who are rushing somewhere. They all seemed a bit grumpy and were just rushing around.

I know we all feel that we are time poor and it makes us to do things quickly whenever possible. But I also know that you can’t run on a moving train or jump off the airplane to get to your destination quickly.

I am equally guilty of rushing all the time. I always want to do things quickly so I want to sit down and relax as soon as possible. Often I find I can’t really relax until the work is done. But lately being married to AS, I have learned how to relax a bit. I still have a long a way to go.

Sometime when I read stories like this, it hits me hard. Often we don’t appreciate small things in life until we lose them.

In today’s world where everyone is running after money and power, there are not many people who will stop and smell the flower. We have so many ambitions and dreams that in order to fulfil them we are forced to work hard and keep working. Gone are the days when people would always have dinner as a family,   visiting their friends and relatives regularly and just enjoy simple pleasures of life.

Have you ever heard your parents or grandparents saying the time has gone in the blink of the eye? It is so true for everyone. One day we will be old and when we look back at our own life, what do you want to see. For me, I want to see a gal and woman who enjoyed every minute of her life with less regrets, surrounded by love and laughter.

Have you ever noticed, if you smile while walking on the street, in most cases you will get a smile back from a complete stranger? That is how easy and simple life is. So stop making it complicated and enjoy the small happiness in life. For some it may come as cooking, gardening, baking, or writing. Whatever you enjoy, just go ahead and do it as this time will never come back in your life.

There is a saying by Will Rogers, “Half our life is spent trying to find something to do with the time we have rushed through life trying to save”.  So I am making an effort this week to slow down a bit and enjoy things around me. And here are few things on my plan list to make it a better life.

  • I am planning to catch up with family and friends so I can enjoy their company and share life.
  • I will be going to some place nice this weekend and appreciate nature’s beauty. It is almost spring in Sydney and it is so beautiful everywhere. May be a picnic in a park will be a great way to relax.
  • Spend more time with my handsome husband without distractions like TV, mobile or books.
  • I will plan my life more so I don’t need to rush and get frustrated.
  • I always wanted to mediate because I heard that it helps us keep clam. I will definitely try that.
  • I will exercise more and look after my body without making any excuses.
  • I will call my parents and tell them I love them a lot.
  • I will try to get the negative thoughts out of my head and think more positive.

 Will definitely let you know how it goes. Please share your own versions 🙂 and please don’t forget to smell the flowers …

16 responses to “Slow down people, smell the flower

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  2. In January 2012, I put up a resolutions list next to my bed and told myself that I will make and follow them. One of the resolutions on the list was to “smile more and frown less” and everytime Im down, my eyes cast on the list and I smile. I guess little things do make us realize that apart from the shit, it really is beautiful and regardless of the storm the sun always does shine. And we are always, ALWAYS luckier than most. 🙂 Nice post M! Talk soon 🙂

  3. This is so true. We rush too much in our life nowadays. But rushing doesn’t bring happiness sooner. I believe we have to live the present, live every single minute, slow down to admire, because when passed, this single minute will never come back.
    Great post!

  4. You’re a wise woman – and as for me, I need to spend all the time I can with my daughters because they just won’t stop growing up!

  5. It is unfortunate that today is all about saving time — through our social media, cars, and even elevators. GO, GO, GO is the theme of our daily lives. It is ironic that the more things we accumulate to save us time, it seems the less time we have anyways. You are right, people should learn to slow down.

    • Isn’t that funny Frances how our parents were ok without Internet and mobile phones and still managed to live a happy life while our generation with so much technology and help is still not happy.

  6. you always work upon a really good post. It’s so r\easy to relate with u and ur experiences. Very nice post. and yes, you are so right.

  7. Nice one. I enjoyed reading it. Really nice.

  8. I agree with you on this 100%, we should definitely relax and smell the flower!! After all world is beautiful and we are very lucky to be here 🙂

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