Don’t insist on Alcohol

I have seen time and time again that in parities especially if the host is Nepali, they kind of insist on you having alcohol. It’s kind of a cultural thing to insist but it has always bugged me and it still does.

I have seen that happen with my dad in Nepal. They will offer him drinks and if he says he has had have enough, their respond will always be “Just have one more”. Come on, when the person who is drinking said enough already, it is not a good idea to offer him/her more alcohol.

After coming to Australia, the situation is same all the time. Especially among men, it is like a pride to drink as much as one can. If someone says no, they will insist until he takes another one. Even if someone says that he is driving; they will say one will be fine.

I know we are not kids any more so if you really don’t want to drink, then we can say no and stick to it. But I think these people who insist on making others drunk sometime forget that people have their own limits and they know it better than anyone else. So why keep insisting for one more when the drinker already said NO.

We hear about drink driving tragedy every day and still people are so unaware of their act when they offer drinks.

I don’t drink alcohol. I have tasted a few drinks but I hate the smell of most alcohol. So when I go to the parties and someone offered me a drink, I just decline. They will insist but I decline and stay firm in my decision. Few people will just insist once while other get disappointed and have asked me, “From when did you stop drinking?” I found it surprising because I never drank so how come I didn’t know the period I used to drink. So to avoid the hassles these day my excuse is, “I am driving” instead of “I don’t drink”. Some people do leave me alone but then there are some who will say “A few drinks will be fine. Just take one. As in Australia, driving with alcohol limit less that 0.5 is not illegal if you hold full licence.”

I know as a non-drinker I don’t know how it feels to be drunk and enjoy drinking. AS drinks and I have never stopped him but I am glad that he know his limit and I have never seen him out of control. But I have seen lots of people who go crazy and loud after getting drunk. My point is, if one already said NO for the drink, no one should insist on them to have more.  Sometime that insistence might make someone drink one more and he/she can easily miscalculate his/her capacity.

Also I never understood –

Why do so many people choose getting drunk as their favourite activity?

Why do people like getting drunk at parties so much?

Why do people like going and getting drunk in a crowd of other drunken people at a bar?

Social drinking is always acceptable but why drink to get drunk? Just enjoy a few drinks and be a responsible drinker. And never insist on anyone to have more drinks. You can offer all you like but never insist. And never DRINK and DRIVE.

To all the Nepali people, please stop insisting on drinks once the person has said NO.

If you are one of the people who enjoy drinking, look at some of the benefits of not drinking. 🙂

  • save money
  • less hassles from family
  • sleep better
  • have more energy
  • have a clear head
  • be less depressed
  • lose weight
  • better physical shape
  • reduce the risk of hypertension, liver disease, brain damage, cancer, accidents

4 responses to “Don’t insist on Alcohol

  1. Responsibility matters. I drank for most of my adult life, but now… it just seems like such a waste. Easy calories so hard in the burning off. I prefer seltzer water. Should I have a drink, it’s at home, and likely not more than one. No way would I touch a car after a drink. And no one should ever push a drink on someone who expresses disinclination.

    • I have never got drunk my whole life (definitely want to have that experience one day) so I don’t know how it feel. I am happy for everyone to drink as long as they are responsible but in some Nepali party I went to, I hate it when they are pushing others to drink. And Definitely no driving after drinking.

  2. Don’t drink and drive. But getting drunk is a lot of fun too as long as you don’t have to drive. I like to take just few beers sometimes, but I also like like getting drunk occasionally. If you didn’t know before, a lot of people enjoy it. As long as you don’t cause trouble you are fine.

    • Ohooo nepalidawg, you sound so much like my husband and my male friends who advocate drinking :). I know you guys enjoy drinking and there is nothing wrong with that. My post was targeted to those people who insist on getting other people drunk., I am up for social drinking and but some people definitely gets on my nerve when I see them trying to get other people drunk.

      P.S : I am trying to get drunk for once in my life for a while but as soon as alcohol is near my mouth, I can smell it and the smell puts me off completely. I am going to do that one day and I will know the feeling , one of my bucket list:)

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