Over the moon to get the Prabal Gurung parcel

I have to start this blog first by thanking Tincup, Kalibird and my dearest friend SD. Because without them my dream of owning my own Prabal Gurung dress would have been just a dream.

Anyway, I am sure you know from my post here and here that Prabal Gurung collection for Target was out recently. And I am sure you know how disappointed I was when I realised that Target in Australia was not going to have his collection.

But thanks to dear friends, who I met via my blog, Tincup and Kalibird and my good friend SD, I now have 3 dresses, a shoe and a bag by Prabal Gurung 🙂

Let me give you the whole story from the start. When I realised that Target here were not getting these dresses, I thought it was still going to be ok. I will buy all the stuff I wanted online and then get it shipped here. Even though  I was not sure about the sizes I decided on size 4 and mentally prepared what I wanted and how much I was going to spend. So on the day these dresses came online, I went to target US site. But unfortunately, most of the dresses I wanted were not available online. Out of everything I wanted I would only be able to get a bag so I decided not to get anything at all. I was very disappointed, annoyed, sad, and so depressed that day that my husband was doing his best to console me. And to top it off, all my friends in the US were uploading their PG dresses on Facebook.

I didn’t want to bother anyone in the US at first as I knew it would be a hassle for them to go shopping for me. But I had no choice and so emailed my friend SD. She didn’t get back to me in a few hours so I didn’t know what to do. It was really nice of Tincup and Kalibaird to offer to help me after reading my blog. And I am really grateful that they trusted me and offered to buy me stuff even they have never met me and know me only through the blog.

As I didn’t see any other way to get those dresses, I emailed them back and asked them to check a few things for me. I was kind of sure it would be very hard to get them as I was reading online how most of the dresses were out of stock in the first few hours. But it must be my good luck that Kalibird was able to get me a dress and shoes that I wanted. Thanks a lot girl, you made my day.

In the meantime my friend SD called from US and I told her what I wanted. I also told her that I already got a dress and  shoes. So she went shopping for me and sent me a few photos of dresses and bags which were available in the Target store that she went to. I so wished I was there to be able to try those dresses but I had no choice but to hope for the best and asked here to pick the dresses in size 4. I asked her to pick up ruffle dress in lime (I really wanted this dress in red) and a clutch.

Prabal Gurung Dresses

All of them offered to look for more but I told them not to. I knew most of the items I wanted were gone anyway and it would be a waste of their time. And I ready had two dresses, shoes and a bag.

But SD being the great friend she is, kept looking and was able to get another dress, the one with Meet the Parents Print.

Kalibird shipped the stuff she bought to SD and SD shipped everything to me.

Finally all the stuffs are here and I am over the moon. I was so excited when I opened the parcel.

Prabal Gurung Dresses

I was like a child opening a birthday present. Loved all of them and feel blessed to have so many nice people round me who went to extra length to make my dream come true Thank you everyone. I love you all.

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10 responses to “Over the moon to get the Prabal Gurung parcel

  1. It was nothing 🙂 any time you need anything from here I will be glad to help you!!!

  2. Hey M, you are such a lucky person. Not for the dresses and shoes you have . For the people, their gestures towards you. 🙂

  3. very nice of your friends to do that 🙂 i am excited for you try out PG’s collection. I got a dress and its beautiful..that black and white floral are gorgeous too!

  4. I blogged about PG cardigan I styled yesterday, what a coincidence! You got some great pieces there, I’d love to see how you style them!!

  5. Lol…bet you look good in your new duds…shiaaat….I didn’t do squat for you silly….but glad u got your stuff:)

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