I had a car accident :(

First of all sorry if this post sounds a bit down but I am not in a very good mood right now. This morning, coming to work, my car was hit by another car from behind just 5 minutes away from home. I am thinking that writing about it will make me feel better so hence the post.

I was travelling on the left most lanes on a three lane road heading to work. The car before me slowed down to turn left so I slowed down too. But the car behind me didn’t slow down but instead decided to change lanes. Everything was good but he misjudged his timing and he hit my car on the right side of the boot with his front left of the car. All I heard was a loud bang and didn’t know what happened for a while.  You know the first few seconds where you are shaken up and you don’t know what happened.

After that initial shock, I gained my composure quickly and got out of the car to check what happened. As I have written a post before here “Incident, not ACCIDENT, Thank God!”, I thought it might be just a small incident like before. But to my dismay, my car was badly damage and not drivable. The first thing the guy from the other car said to me after he came out of the car was ,” You braked.”.

I hadn’t and we both know that but I was not in a situation to argue with him. We moved the car to a side street so we wouldn’t block the road. After I parked the car the first thing I did was call AS as he was nearby and I didn’t know what else to do. I was still shaken up for a while but the other driver seemed aright.

He said he would call the tow truck and we can call the insurance company. I also called one of my friends just to check what to do as I have never been in this situation before. He advised me to call the police so I did. I reported what happened and they said they will be there in a while.

In the meantime a tow truck company came and gave both of us, the drivers, to fill information about each other’s licence and car. I took photos of the damage of my car and his car and took photo of his car rego and licence. The tow truck driver dialled our insurance company and I talked to them. I had to explain to them what happened exactly and the guy on the line told me, it seemed like it was not my fault so I didn’t have to worry. The other driver had the same insurance company so the guy wanted to talk to the company as well. So I passed the phone to him.

In the meantime, AS was there and I was much relived. I really didn’t know what to do and I was still shaken. I was just glad he was there.

After we finished with the insurance company, the police were still not there so the other driver suggested we should go as he already agreed to what happened. I thought that is a good thing at least I am not at fault. The tow truck driver told me the same thing. If there is no dispute then it should not be a problem and we don’t need the police.

I told them I had already called the police and I need to call them again to let them know that they need not come. So I rang the police again and told the operator what happened. The women on the phone told me we had to wait for the police as it is an accident. I told all of them that and we waited.

After a while the cops came. There were two of them so they each took statements from us separately. When I was done with my statement, he said, “Looks like it is not your fault so we will send him the ticket and send you the incident number for your insurance.” I was happy that it will be solved easily but then in a minute he came back and told me I have to ask you a few more questions. He said the other driver told them that he was travelling in the middle lane and when I changed lanes, he hit me from behind so it is my fault. What and A**hole. Seriously I couldn’t believe he said that to the cops after all what he told me.

I didn’t know what to say but told the cops that he even asked me not to call the cops as he said he admitted that it was his fault and his insurance will fix my car.

Anyway the cops left and they told me they will contact me with the details on what will happen next.

I am really annoyed that I had an accident and it was not my fault. I am annoyed that the driver didn’t own up to his fault which means it might take it longer to get this resolved.

I am just glad that I waited for the cops to come. I least I have everything recorded now so even if things go wrong in future, the cops have the photos.

Lesson learned from this accident, never trust anyone. Call the cops no matter what the other person does and always be aware that they can change their story. It is best to take photos or video of the damage and position of the cars before moving them.

I had to call a friend from work to pick me up and I am not going to have a car for another 2 weeks. It will be really annoying and it will restrict our plans on the weekends. I am just not very happy and not in a good mood today.

I was reading yesterday in the news that Michael Douglas was telling in an interview that he got the cancer because he had all the good things in life and something bad was meant to happen. While reading that yesterday, I was thinking why can’t we have good times only and why bad things need to happen so often.

Now I understand his logic as well. I have to admit everything around me was going very well so something bad was bound to happen and it happened as a car accident. The best thing is that I am OK and not injured so I am pushing myself to think positive. I know that I am annoyed and irritated right now with the whole situation but doing my best to look at the glass as half full.

I am not even sure if this post has a proper flow but I had to write it and here it is.

Take care everyone.

M from nepaliaustralia

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32 responses to “I had a car accident :(

  1. Sid Dunnebacke

    Glad you weren’t physically hurt, M. But here I am on the other side of the planet, angry at the blockhead who hit you and then lied. 😡 I assume you have your car back by now?

  2. WordsFallFromMyEyes

    Wow. I’m really sorry. I bet you are over it by now, but it must have been frightening.

    The road near work was closed off by police today – a motorcyclist had been hit and killed. It’s just frightening.

    Take care.

  3. *hugs* and glad you are okay. Braking does not make it your fault. cars behind you are expected to be in control of their vehicles. It is his fault, whether he agrees with this legality or not.

  4. Title of your post scared me, I am glad you are safe. It’s bet sad some people can twist the situation, he is so mean to change the story to cops. I hope your insurance and cops help you solve this.

  5. Sorry to hear that! I hope u r ok!!

  6. OMG, what a wreck, you must’ve been scared…the good news is that your’re fine and the other guy what an A**…really sud never trust anyone in such situations…and ur comment abt Michael Douglas…makes me scared 😦

    • I am good now gal thanks. I hope Michael Douglas was not correct but I have to admit my life was going so good that something bad meant to come and it come as an accident for me, Hope it is just my feeling and I am wrong.

  7. Oh no.. that’s so bad on that driver’s part to drive unsafely and then blame others 😦 hope this gets resolved soon..
    as everyone said – the best thing is that you are okay M.. I don’t drive here but already scared of driving..

    • Thanks gal, I am OK. Just bit messed up in my head. I have been driving for a while and it is not bad driving in Sydney. Because of only few bad and dishonest driver, we have problem like this.

  8. Oh! it looks terrible. Hope you are okay.

  9. most important is that you are healthy

  10. I am happy to here that there wereno serious injuries resulting from the car impact!

  11. its almost a bad dent!!! happy that u were safe!!! drivers always does that! when cop comes they will be the opposite to what we discussed. be safe dear 😦

  12. really so sad to know about the incident but at the same time I want to thank god that you are OK..don’t worry everything happens for a reason..so it has to happen and it had happened already….human beings are of different nature..though he lied to cops he can’t lie himself…better not to take tension…think positive and stay calm….plz keep on updating….

  13. Oh no! I’m sorry to hear you had a car accident… and with such a dishonest driver… Hope this will be solved quickly. Good luck with everything.

  14. I am sorry you experienced an accident and a dishonest driver. Hope things clear quickly for you.

  15. The SOP , at least here in California , is not to move your car, until the cop arrives. Right away, they would know who was at fault by merely looking at the postions of the cars and where you were hit. The fact that your car was hit at the back already proved you were NOT at fault. Even if you slowed down, he couldn’t have hit you if the driver was following you at a safe “LEGAL” distance.

    Anyway, that was an experience. Never trust that people would do the right thing. Oh, and thank goodness for iPhones.

    • He asked to moved the car as we were blocking traffic and I didn’t think much so I ddi. I should not have done that but what I can do n ow. I have learnt my lesson for future. I am glad I have heaps of pics. 🙂

  16. sorry to hear this happened to you. it’s a very stressful situation, especially when you’re not guilty, but still have to suffer in a way. I’m glad no one got hurt though. Cars can always be fixed, so don’t fret over that.

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