He knows how to make me smile

They say that the small things in life are important and I really believe in that. I really don’t think about big things when I think about happiness but small things always manage to make my day.

I believe that the perfect guy is not one who has the most money or is the most handsome guy you’ll meet. He is the one who knows how to make you smile and will take care of you each and every day until the end of time and that is my hubby for me. AS always manages to do small things that always makes my day. There are so many incidents that his one word or one action had made me smile.

I have decided to document and share them here so I can look back and smile again  🙂

I have told you before that AS is a very introverted person and sometimes it is hard to make him talk. But with me he is always comfortable and his cheekiness comes out which I love so much 🙂

Normally I make sure we eat healthy and sometimes tell him off when he eats too much junk. One thing we try to do is not to eat dessert or sweets late at night. And as I have told you before, AS loves anything with chocolate.

The other day I baked chocolate cupcakes and it was on the kitchen table.

After dinner, we were watching TV when suddenly he stared a conversation

AS: Babe don’t you think those cakes are going off?

Me: No, I just baked them yesterday. They will be fine.

AS: Look they are going off baby so let me finish it now so we don’t have to throw them away.

I couldn’t do anything but laugh when I looked at his face. Yes, he ended up eating them as I couldn’t say no.

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14 responses to “He knows how to make me smile

  1. They’re good for breakfast, too.

  2. Such a valid point, money and the frills are not what you want to look for, note to self, Humor is the way to go until the end…Smiles back at you!

  3. That is so lovely, i really want to have a good relationship experience like this too. And i hope my guy in the future will love cupcakes and momo that i make

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