10 responses to “Hacked

  1. I can’t like your post. That is not fun to deal with. 😦

  2. WordsFallFromMyEyes

    How sweet, wishing us happy Australia Day. Thank you ! 🙂

    Re the hacked, I am so glad for you your bank is that proactive. That’s a wonderful bank indeed. Really well done. I’m glad it was stopped, seriously glad. I mean YOUR hard earned cash, and then someone else comes along & thinks “I know, I’ll make my money by taking what I did not earn”. It’s so rotten. Thanks for the warning.

    • Hope you have great Australia Day as well. We had great weather to go out and have some fun.
      I was bit shocked because I thought we were covered since we work in IT and have all the major action taken to prevent the situation like that. But as always the situation proved us wrong. Glad the bank was good and solve it easily.

  3. We just gone through that pain last summer

  4. Something similar happened to me, but this person made a physical copy of my credit card and was using it! So glad my credit card company called us to ask if the transactions were being made by us. So sad there are people out there doing bad things 😦

  5. Happy Australia day for tomorrow!
    I had a friend that happened to and luckily the card company got right on to it. Sorry to hear this happened to you.

  6. I am so glad your bank was proactive! Gosh!
    I am so glad everything was sorted x

  7. This is another post that I read about credit card hacking. 😦
    Good thing your bank was able to detect it.

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