Why do so many drivers never use their indicators these days?

I know I shouldn’t be annoyed at petty things in life but sometimes I wonder what people are thinking when they are driving. When I need to turn or change lanes, I don’t even have to think, my hand automatically moves to indicate my intention but I have lately seen so many drives turn or change lanes without the indicators. I don’t understand why drivers are so lazy that they can’t make the effort to flick a switch.

It can be laziness in their part but that is really serious as this can lead to accidents and even death in worse cases. The worst part is they are not putting only themselves in danger but others on the road as well.

Because of their laziness and selfishness there are times there is unnecessary traffic congestion on the road. Say if I am waiting to go straight on a two-lane road and the driver in front of me is going right but didn’t blink until the last minute, I won’t be able to change lanes in time and go straight on the left lane which means I am stuck behind him. On top of that the drivers behind me will be stuck as well as they can’t see the indicator in the car in front.

Another example is when I come to an intersection and I see a car on my right with no indicator, so I stop to give way to them, wait for them to pass through in front of me, they then turn left instead and I am left thinking that I stopped and gave way for no reason.

Also in a roundabout at least half the cars never signal right to turn right, which makes it extremely dangerous. I always wait until the car has gone through most of the intersection before proceeding, because I don’t know when they will suddenly turn and smash into me.

I have seen many drivers who come by and pass me and others, weaving through traffic without any indication. I am sure not so many people have an emergency on a regular basis so why the rush? What is wrong with these people?

If you know the answers to any of these questions please do share and please take care when you drive and do not forget to use your indicators when necessary.

‘The indicators on your car tell people where you are going… Please use them!’

Take care.

M from nepaliaustralian


10 responses to “Why do so many drivers never use their indicators these days?

  1. Lol. Because i read this, i was so concious about keeping my sidelight on while going to work this morning. I don’t consider myself a rough driver, but i have to wait for 5-10 minutes to make a left turn while going to work in the morning. It is so annoying to hear that “tick-tick” sound of that sidelight for that long and i usually turn it off.

  2. yea i dont understand that either,,,

  3. Now that we are not on the road that much but when we use to drive a long way to work – these little things that other drivers can do, can be so irritating!!! But also can be dangerous too. Sydney traffic can drive us insane.

  4. I think it is a universal issue. There are parts of the USA where not using a turn signal seems to be the norm. It is one of my “It drives me bonkers!!” issues…
    I learned to drive in an area where using signals was expected and NOT using one could earn the driver a ticket from the police, if observed. It is so much a habit for me, I will signal at a rural intersection with no traffic on the horizon…

    A turn indicator also signals intent – “I want to move into the passing lane, please let me in.” My ex would become furious when no one would let him in to the passing lane. I got tired of pointing out they could not read his mind, he had to signal his intention to change lanes. (No, not the reason I filed for divorce 😉 )

    • I think indicators on car should be mandatory everywhere as it can help from accidents to be happen and save lives too. No one can read others mind and without proper waring there are bound to be accidents. Good to kn ow that there are lots around who think like me 🙂

  5. Bad driving is very exasperating. I can’t believe they’re breaking rules in Sydney with the same impunity as in India, and Nepal (just got back from Kathmandu). Cheers.

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