Getting back to a healthier happier me

I am not sure if it is normal or not but I normally look at my old photos and realise that I had a better body pre-pregnancy.


During pregnancy I put on 18 kilos in total which was 3 kg more than the recommended weight. I have to admit that most of the weight was around my tummy. My weight gain was normal for the first 6 months but  I was hungry a lot during the last few months of the pregnancy and I was munching on lots of junk food too.

my pregnancy

I continued with my walking and swimming routine but still managed to put on a good amount of weight. The last month was the worst with swollen hands and legs. Summer heat of Sydney didn’t help at all.

pregnancy  (1)

Then my beautiful angle arrived on this earth; healthy and happy which made everything I did seem worth it.

chhori (4)

I thought my tummy would go down straight after the birth of Chhori but I looked like I was still 5 months pregnant when I came home from the hospital.

The weight kept dropping every day after that as I was breastfeeding. Even though  the doctor gave me an all clear to exercise after 6 weeks, I didn’t do much for the first 3 months as I was too busy looking after Chhori and catching up on sleep whenever I had any spare time.

Traditionally in Nepal new mums are given 3-4 meals of rice with jwano ko jhol, minced chicken, lots of ghee (clarified butter) and chaku (molasses). So my mum had similar ideas in her mind for me. For the first month, I was eating everything my mum cooked minus chaku (molasses) without complaining. I was eating rices 2-3 times a day and also consuming chocolate muffins and other junk food.

But after a month I reduced my intake of rice and slowly tried to go back to my normal pre-pregnancy diet but it was a bit difficult at times. I felt so hungry due to breast feeding that it was hard not to eat junk lying around.

I have lost 13 kg so far and so have 5 kg remaining. In order to help me lose the rest and regain my exercise routine, I joined a gym as soon as Chhori turned 3 months.

The first few sessions almost seemed to kill me with the pains and aches but things are getting better now. I am going twice a week these days which should get me into my normal routine slowly and I hope to lose those remaining kilos too.

exercising (1)exercising (2)

I have started to fit into most of my clothes now and hope to fit into everything soon.

exercising (3)

Wish me luck everyone, I will keep you posted on how I go.

Have a great week.

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22 responses to “Getting back to a healthier happier me

  1. hey, u look great in both phases… btw.. all the best M 🙂

  2. You have such an amazing body. The first pic is such a winner. I am sure the last few pounds will be gone without you even knowing. Good luck! And thanks for inspiring me to start working out..

  3. Commenting the first time on this space 🙂 But been following this blog regularly , and many congratulations on the recent addition to your family !

  4. Wow you are such an inspiration 🙂 Best of luck to you, you are down to the final few kgs and are going to make it to your target soon 🙂 I was following a very healthy regime with proper diet and exercises too. But then for the last couple of months, thanks to my back pain and severe sciatica, forget exercise, I could hardly walk without limping and piled on some weight. Cant wait to get back to my routine now.

  5. Hi M, 🙂
    Weight gain is annoying at any stage of our lives! Lol
    I’m bigger now than after I had my sons. I was always an 8, but now I’m a 10. Exercise is good for the mind and the body!
    Glad all is well with you and baby. Love Paula xxxx

  6. Good for you for getting back into it! That kettle bell on the last picture looks really big!

  7. I will hope you will continue enjoying sweet baby and I know you will be strong and healthy. You are beautiful! So is baby girl and handsome hubby, inside and out. Smiles, Robin

  8. Good job! My wife put even more than 23 kg on during pregnancy of which 9kg came during the last 1 1/2 monhts!
    My wife is not so much into sports, okay, she is not at all into it but I convinced her last year to do a short programm I made for her (only 15min). She did it very well and got back to just 3kg over her old weight but then she quited it. Now, half year later started again after some clothes didnt fit anymore :p

  9. look at your lovely bub! Congrats – what a wonderful time. My weight loss took a loooooong time after having babies and it was a slooooow road. You’re doing so well. Don’t forget to factor in plenty of rest time for yourself – you will need it.

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