Good bye my Little Red Car…Hello my Big Red Car

I am sure you have seen photos of my little red car on many occasions in this blog. I had an accident in that car and had done pujas on it during Dashain festival all of which I’ve blogged about.

Dashain (2)

That car is not my first car but I bought it brand new and it was with me even before AS arrived in Australia. I had it for a long time and I remember the first time I got a scratch on it, I was so upset with myself that I nearly cried.

I guess when you possess something for a while you do really love it.

While I was on maternity leave and staying home, AS was driving it around.

A few weeks ago, Sydney was drenched in rain for a few days and it was cold and wet and miserable.

One day, AS called me and asked me to give him details about our insurance as the car was registered in my name. He told me that the car was flooded while it was parked. I really didn’t think much about it then and gave him the details and waited for him to come home.

car (1) car (2)

But I realised later that the car was not coming home at all looking at the photos. Yes, that red one is my car and the one with the umbrella is AS. It looked like the car was in the middle of river, not on the side of the road.

The insurance company wrote it off stating unfit to repair and gave us its money. I was really sad for it go, I know AS was sorry that he was the one responsible for the incident. I am sure he didn’t mean it.

But as they say, “Everything happens for a reason” and I believe in that. Now I got a bigger car and it is red again. We were already thinking of getting a bigger car for me as Chhori’s pram and other stuff would not fit in my old car. But I still do miss my little red car as it was so easy to drive around.

Have a great week everyone.

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12 responses to “Good bye my Little Red Car…Hello my Big Red Car

  1. Sorry about your situation and glad insurance and new car will somehow help ease the pain. Hugs for your precious Chhori and blessings for safe travel mercies in new red bigger car.

  2. awww.. never mind M… you cant help it now… i know its not easy to let go.. but u gotta move on n love ur new big red caaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar :0 btw. congratulations for that..

  3. Too bad that the car got flooded but with a bit bigger one you will have many more options getting around with the family and having everything needed wit h 🙂

  4. i have a small red car too….and i just bought another one (its small too) but in grey. congrats on the new vehicle 🙂

  5. People do get to love their cars, and get totally attached to them.

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