Things Chhori says: Why winter is in the house?

I think I always write one post every winter stating how much I hate winter and this year is no different. Because we had a hot summer and a warm autumn, winter seems to be too cold. Anyways I was just talking to Chhori the other day about how it is cold in winter, trying to teach her the difference between Spring, Summer, Winter and Autumn.

Me: “There are 4 seasons Chhori. Spring, Summer, Winter and Autumn. Summer is hot and Winter is cold. Winter is here now.”

Chhori: “Why winter is in our house Mama?” 

I think this age is so cute. She takes everything literally. I explained to her further and she goes “Ohoo, OK.” and went back to playing with her toys!

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6 responses to “Things Chhori says: Why winter is in the house?

  1. It’s always great to talk about things around us to kids in simple terms and believe it or not, they capture the essence of it…

    We always underestimate their comprehensive capabilities and they surprises us 🙂

    The way I converse with my two year old son is totally different from how I did it with my daughter 5 years back.

    So good to read about your parenting experiences…

    Have a beautiful day from drenched and rainy Kerala 🙂

  2. Haha soo cute and precious! I think the things that children between 3-5 say are just the best.

  3. sooo cute..keep recording such cute conversations.. when chhori will learn to have big conversations these cute lil conversations will make you smile and laugh….

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