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Our Story: Singapore airport – Part 6

This is a continuation of my previous post. Please read the previous posts here, Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4 and Part 5.

It looks like airports played a big role in our story. Anyway when I landed in Singapore, it was midnight local time and the place was not very busy. I had a hand carry bag, a laptop bag and my own bag so sleeping was not an option. I just started walking around to searching for an internet connection. I found a kiosk where they had a computer with internet connected. The only bad thing was that there was no chair so I had to stand and use the internet and on top of that it would log out after every 15 minutes, how annoying.

Anyway as I had nothing better to, I checked my email, Facebook and decided to write a reply to AS’s last email.

Gud morning
hope u have better sleep tonite
it is 12am in Singapore and I just got here. Will be here for another 8hrs
need to figure out what to  do 🙂
anyway hope ur ticket is working out. I can’t wait to see the surprise gift

u r not online. if u see this mail c if u can come online .
I will be checking it from time to time
take care

I was so bored but didn’t know what else to do. So with my trolley and luggage I made a makeshift chair and just surfed the net. There were not many people online for me to chat with. It was an awkward time in Nepal and Australia then.

After 15 minutes I was logged out so I logged in again and SUPRISE SUPRISE, AS was online on gmail.

Me: Hello hello

AS: hi

Me: How are u? Where r u?

AS: I just reached office, saw your mail and came online.

Me: (I was a bit disappointed that he would be too busy to chat with me) Ohoo, its ok then, maybe we chat later during your break.

AS: I can talk for a while so it’s ok. When I have to go I will let you know.

Me: The internet disconnects itself every 15 minutes so if I go offline, wait and I will come online again

AS: Sure no problem. How was your flight?

Me: It was good. Watched a few movies. I am trying to connect the wifi in my laptop it doesn’t seem to be working. Looks like I have to use this computer to chat with you.

AS: Ok. At least we can chat.

Me: That is great coz I am really bored. There is nothing to do here and I have 8 hours to kill.

As: that’s why I am here…

Me: hehehe so nice of u. thank u thank u

AS: ani airport ma garne kehi chainata? (So there is nothing do at airport?)

Me: nope :(.  That’s why I am talking to u

AS: oho… nothing more interesting to do…

Me: : everything is closed  but I am not comparing:)  come on,  I am just glad to talk with u.   no comparison

AS: la la… maska marnu pardaina (it’s ok… no need to flatter me)

Me: hehhe   hoina.  I luv talking to u 🙂 nabaye ta uti uti k garne ni (otherwise why I should I chat standing)

AS: well and I return the sentiment 100%

Me: timro ticket k hudai cha (what’s going on with your ticket)

AS: problemai cha…(there’s a problem)

Me: so bad. try ur best to spend ur new year eve in Kathmandu

AS: that is what I wanna do too..

Me: did u have breakfast???

AS: yes had b’fast. timi le flight ma dinner gareko ho? (Did u had dinner on flight?)

Me: yes, I did. ani u got only few days at working hoina

AS:ho… (yes)

Me: still bg

AS: a litttle… nothing i can’t handle..

Me: that is gud 😀

AS: but chatting with you is icing on the cake..

Me: D 😀 😀   my 32 teeth r showing

AS: u have 32 teeth?

Me: nope hahaha. Just realise I think 28 only

AS: hahaha. I so so glad even after such a gap we can talk so freely and comfortably

Me: me too why don’t u tell me things that happen with u in last yrs.  i mean things i missed that were  imp

AS: went through college… like a breeze, made some great friends.. new perspectives…

Me: gud to hear that

AS: but am bad at keeping in touch… but am trying to change that..  anyways..

Me: 😀 luving the word trying..  i am sure u r getting better. How was uni?

AS: It was great.

Me: that’s really nice

AS: the best part was..  I told you I visualised… before exams right? And it worked.

Me: I am very happy 4 u

AS: well I pretty much kept that up the rest of the time..

Me: that’s gud.  Do u do that 4 ur future too. I mean, what u want,   where u gonna live.

AS: are those questions?

Me: ya

AS: wait let me get some water…

Me: ok

AS: talking so much is difficult 😉

Me: hehehe

AS: am back

Me: waiting for answer

AS: before coming here I was still not so sure… but slowly the pictures are starting to materialize in my mind…  all of that has one or similar answers… a home … a wife… life go together… I pray that I can make that happen…  I imagine… visualize…

Me: I was making a list as you told me about visualizing.  My list goes like this

  • get a better job
  • fall in luv
  • travel the world
  • get house
  • get married
  • live happily ever after
  • more travel

Now when the list is here what can I do next to make it work

AS: good u have a list.  Now to make it work

Me: I try to be positive.. But it’s not as easy…  still I think I’ve been ok… I’ve done ok…

AS: u did. Don’t think bad of your past… be they happy or sad..

Me: I have always thought of my past as learning experience   if that was not there I won’t b who I am so no regret

AS: yes… Never a failure… always a lesson..

Me: yap def it is  I think I am lot +ve than before   I am learning hard way but trying my bet   I see glass half full

AS: now imagine it as filling up.. With everything u do… and the full glass is the wish, dream that u have…

Me: when I talk to u u make me believe more 🙂

AS: wanna know a secret…

Me: ya

AS: after meeting you here… I think I started opening up more… now I wonder why I was closed up do much..

Me: that’s nice to hear

AS: : life is funny sometimes.. now I’m building bridges… I had neglected so long…

Me: better late than never

AS: yes…

Me: really we been frds for so long and only now we got to know each other  better

AS: true

Me: my school version of u is smiling and frdly guy and I think that is it

AS: but so much has happened… to change us to shape us…

Me: but from LAX airport I got to know so much about u  and last few weeks has been blessing. life has taught us a lot

AS: and I think all of that was for the best… to get us where we are now..

Me: ya

There is so much I want to write but the post is getting long . I promise there will be lot to come in next posts. Take care till then.

P.S.: That day we talked for so long that I have 38 pages of chat. When I was reading through the chat, it still brought a smile on my face. Even though we were not in a relation at that time, it was great to know we were so good friends before we decide to be in a relationship.

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