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Burgundy for winter

This article was published in +977 (a Nepalese Lifestyle Magazine in Australia) in August-September 2013 issue.


Burgundy is the new black and it is a great way to add colour during cold winter days and move away from boring black and grey. Fashionistas are calling the colour oxblood but you can call it wine coloured, maroon, claret or just plain burgundy  and it is back in season.

From coats to dresses, from skirts to socks, burgundy gives your style the special touch and it is such a beautiful colour. Age does not matter because burgundy flatters from young to old. Sex doesn’t matter either because both men and women can wear this colour and look fashionable.  The colour can be worn with almost any piece of apparel. In addition, it is a great colour for transition phase between winter and spring. This colour can be easily used from top to toe and here are some of the amazing pieces.

How to wear burgundy?

  • Pair your burgundy with a lighter piece from the same colour family, like pastel pink or pale rose.
  • Mix burgundy pieces with luxe prints like brocades, paisleys, silk stripes for a regal look.
  • For work, use burgundy as a neutral and mix with colours like charcoal grey and olive.
  • Wear with a piece in a sheer fabric so that it reads more lightweight.
  • Pair your faded jeans look with plain burgundy cotton tops.
  • Wear burgundy lip colour with brown pencil eyeliner and gold eye shadow or brown mascara and liquid gold eyeliner.

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Shade of Mustard : Autumn Fashion

It is still Autumn here but it feels like winter already. I think you already know that I hate winter as I have written that every time I get a chance. I feel that there is so much less time these days that it feels like I need 30 hours in a day. By the time I leave work, the sun has set and by the time I reach home, it is dark already. It really annoys me that I feel too lazy to do anything or even workout. All I want to do is curl up in front of the TV.

Anyway, I can rant as much as I want but still nothing’s gonna change so I better get back on track on what I originally meant to write in this post.

Mustard colour seems to be famous this autumn. I have seen coats, jackets, tops, dresses, skirts, shoes and accessories such as belts, bags or scarves in this colour and I am loving it all. As I am not very fair I thought the colour wouldn’t suit me but I bought a dress just to check and I am in fact loving it. It is a big statement colour and it really looks good with every skin type.

Also I saw lots of celebrities rocking this colour.

So if you’re thinking of buying a statement piece this season, go for anything in shades of mustard. This colour instantly livens up any outfit and trust me you will love it 🙂

Just remember:

  • Even a dash of mustard livens up the dullest outfit, so introduce the colour with accessories such as belts, bags or scarves.
  • Mix different tones. Burnt orange with flecks of yellow and brown will create a warm look and complement a fading tan.
  • A bright yellowy mustard works best on textured fabrics such as ribbed jumpers or pleated skirts.

Enjoy! 🙂