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Mirror Mirror On The Wall

This article was published in DREAMS online magazine on 3rd December 2013.

Mirror Mirror On The Wall


I have to start this post by stating that I am a normal girl with a healthy weight and BMI who loves to cook and eat healthy food most of the times.

However, I have days when I look at the mirror and don’t like what I see. I know I am not alone in this. There are times when all of us feel like we are not beautiful, our body is not normal, and basically have a bad day.

On good days, I think I have a good body which can be bettered with exercise. But on bad days, all I see is the flaws of my body. My muscles can be more toned, my face can be prettier, my stomach can be flatter, my hair can be better, my skin can be cleaner, and the list can go on forever. Basically, I want a supermodel body and flat stomach. I go on diets and workout hard for it. But the best part of this phase is that I wake up in a good mood, and so have a good day.

I am a mature woman, so I know the difference between reality and fantasy. Also, having a husband who thinks I am beautiful and attractive helps.

But all this made me wonder how girls these days are coping with the image issue. When I was growing up, I never wanted to be a Barbie or some hot supermodel. I never saw girls with super-hot body attractive, so I did not diet to look like them. Nor did I read any magazines that gave me body issue problems.

But kids these days have it very tough in this matter. They get ideas about what is a perfect body from a very young age from perfectly groomed role models with great bodies. The fairy-tale characters in children’s books, dolls, and cartoons are designed to be perfect looking, and so are everyone else from TV and magazines. No wonder so many children suffer from anorexia, bulimia and depression.

And then there are fads like “size 0 figure”, so that even girls as young as 10 think they don’t have a good body, and start dieting. Most of these kids are letting their body define who or what they are rather than their personality. They think that all thin people are happy with themselves, and they want to be one of them.

Then I look around to where these kids are inspired from. Just open any teen magazine, watch any movie or music video. What do you see? Skinny girls portrayed as hot. Look at fashion week, and it will be hard to see a model who has normal curves like everyday women. This is so sad to see.

Does that mean 95 percent of the population of the world who are not models are not normal and healthy? Did any of these organizers give a thought to why anorexia, bulimia and depression are on the rise among young people?

I always advocate that healthy eating habits with exercise is the best way to live life. 10 -12 years old kids are too young to worry about their looks and body. They should be running around in parks with their friends with no worries in their head. At 10,  I am sure I was eating as many chocolates as I could get my hands on, without worrying about anything in the world. Body image issues should be the last thing on their mind.

We definitely need more programs which teach young people to accept that bodies come in a variety of shapes and sizes. It is normal for the body to change weekly and monthly in weight and shape. They need to know that apart from looks, everyone has other positive qualities and we should focus on them.

If you are an adult and you have body image issues, do something about it instead of getting depressed. Decide how you wish to spend your time and energy. Do you want the pursuit of perfect image to occupy most of your time? Or would you rather enjoy the people and positive things in your life?

Look at yourself as a growing, changing human being and be realistic, you can’t get 20’s body in your 40’s.

Most important, be aware of your own weight prejudice. I have never met any women so far who is perfectly happy with how she looks. So don’t be too hard on yourself.

Simply be happy, eat healthy and exercise regularly, and teach younger ones the same values. Everything outside of you is merely a reflection of everything inside.

Hope everyone is having a great week.

Till next post, take care.

M from nepaliaustralian


Star Obsession

I was recently going through a newspaper article and came across an article which talked about how celebrities are spending millions of dollars in security to protect themselves from crazy fans. I thought millions to protect from who? I did some googling and I was surprised to find a lot about crazy fans.

I have never understood the craze for celebrities. For last few days my Facebook wall has been full of my crazy friends who are fans of Twilight and are so excited to see the midnight screening of the movie that they keep on reposting the same thing again and again. I also have a friend who is so crazy about Bollywood actor Shah Rukh Khan that if anyone says anything bad about him she will fight with that person.

A While ago Miley Cyrus was here and there was this crazy fan who climbed on the stage scaring the star.

Every time there is a ticket sell of some band, I see people queuing for hours and hours to get the ticket. Don’t they have work to go to?

Another craze I have seen recently is for teenage singer Justin Bieber. Girls as young as 2 were in the crowd chanting his name holding cut outs that said “Marry Me”. Poor girls were so disappointed when, due to security reason, Justin couldn’t appear.

May be I don’t have that gene you need to be crazy about something. If I really think about it, I had never been so crazy for something that I skipped sleeping or queued for hours to get a glimpse of someone. Growing up I loved Backstreet boys and Bryan Adams and I would love to see them in concert but I will never be one of those fans who give everything to be close to their idols.

I like lots of actors, musicians, athletes but that doesn’t mean I will follow their every move.  On Google I came across the buzzard behaviour of fans of Bollywood actors. Here is the video of a fan worshiping Bollywood actor Amitab Bachhan.

Come on, seriously? Worshipping another human being and putting up his statue; I seriously think there is a limit on how much you can go crazy for another human being.

And there is this guy in India whose whole house if full of picture of Bollywood actor Shah Rukh Khan. He even named his kids after the star’s son and one of the characters from his movie.

I think there are healthy obsessions where you follow celebrities and their life for entertainment but to go to the extend you worship the person and fill every corner of your house with his photos is simply crazy.

Another example of crazy fan is those who go under the knife to look like their idol. Look at the photos below. Lady in UK spent $ 16,000 to look like Michael Jackson. There are many more examples if you search the internet.

Also there is Octo mum in US who wanted to look like Angelina Jolie and spent all her money.

What is with the woman who had surgery to look like real life Barbie?

I don’t know how people forget that celebrities are people as well, doing their job in the spot light. They have their personal life and families just as we do and I am sure they will love to be left alone for a change so they can let their hair down and relax after a hard days work.

Australian Slang introduction

Recently president Obama was in Australian and in his speech, he used few Australian slangs.

So I have complied here a few slangs that you will hear in Australia.

 Aggro : Very Aggressive

Ambo : ambulance, ambulance driver

Arvo : afternoon

Barbie : barbecue

Bikkie : biscuit

Bloke : man, guy

Bludger : lazy person, layabout, somebody who always relies on other people to do things or lend him things

Brekkie: breakfast

Brizzie :Brisbane, state capital of Queensland

Budgie smugglers : men’s swim suit

Buck’s night : stag party, male gathering the night before the wedding

Bullshit, to: To tell lies

Bust – to apprehend for an illegal activity; to go bankrupt; a police raid.

Chewie : chewing gum

Chinwag – a chat, conversation

Chokkie : chocolate

Chook : a chicken

Chrissie: Christmas

Dag : a funny person, nerd, goof

Dole bludger : somebody on social assistance when unjustified

Down Under:Australia

Earbash – to talk incessantly, someone who talks too much

Esky: large insulated food/drink container for picnics, barbecues etc.

Footy : Australian Rules football

G’Day : hello!

Gobsmacked : surprised, astounded

Joey : baby kangaroo

Lippy: lipstick

Maccas (pron. “mackers”) : McDonald’s

Mate : buddy, friend


Pash : a long passionate kiss; hence “pashing on”

Pom, pommy, pommie : an Englishman

Rack off : push off

Rego : vehicle registration

Sheila : a woman

Sunnies : sunglasses

Surfies : people who go surfing

Tall poppies : successful people

Tall poppy syndrome : the tendency to criticize successful people

Thongs : cheap rubber backless sandals

Truckie : truck driver

Ugg boots : Australian sheepskin boots

Uni : university

Vejjo : vegetarian

Whinge : complain

Wog : person of Mediterranean origin

Wuss : coward

Yabber : someone who talks a lot

Yabby : inland freshwater crayfish found in Australia

Yewy : u-turn in traffic