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Like everything else about my life, AS got a shock when he first moved to Australia and saw that I have a full drawer full of sun glasses. I always thought it is normal to own a few pairs as fashion changes and you do want to buy new ones now and then. Unlike other things they don’t go old or small was my explanation to why I own so many pairs. I do agree I wear some more often than others but why should I throw away a good pair of sunnies unless it is broken.

Sunglasses are an essential tool in safeguarding the health of your eyes and the surrounding tissues and at the same time, they are a great fashion statement. I always thought it is normal to travel with a few pairs of sunnies as they are much more than a fashion accessory. As I need different shoes and bags to match different dresses, I need different pairs of sunnies to go with my different outfits. That brings me to my questions,

How many pairs of sunnies do you have?

Do you have ones for certain seasons?

Do you see them as a part of your style or as mostly functional?

Do you change them according to your outfit?

I think I have between 15- 20 pairs but someday I feel that none of them go with my outfit. Looking at my sunnies now, I can see that I have preference for oversized sunniness and aviators.


Normally I leave one in the car all the time. Some of them I share with AS as they are unisex. The oversized ones are my favourite in summer.

The next one I want is the Prada Minimal Baroque Sunglasses. Don’t they just look so awesome and chic (hint hint my dear husband). I will rock it :). Mimco tortoiseshell cat-eye sunglasses are awesome as well.

Back to work this wet and cold  Monday morning and counting days to go to Nepal 🙂

Take care everyone ,

M from nepaliaustralian


My letter to Santa

As Christmas is just around the corner I thought I might write my wish list now. Some people may tell me that it is too early to do that, but have you been out lately? All the shopping malls and stores are decorated with Christmas trees and decorations. Christmas carols are on their loud speakers and every advertisements and catalogues have Christmas references. Above all that, North Pole is so far away from here that I thought it would take a while for my letter to reach Santa as FedEx told me they don’t have next day delivery service there and Santa will certainly need a few weeks to find what I want.

I could write I would like Marc Jacobs’s bag, Jimmy Choo’s shoes, Prada sunnies, and Chanel diamond earrings or I could be really beauty queen like and ask for world peace and every human being to be happy. But sorry this year I will be very selfish and ask for what I really want.

Here is my letter to Santa this year,

Dear Santa,

You know I have been so good this year. I was always good as you know but this year I am sure I get extra brownie points for not being a Bridezilla during my wedding, understanding another human being (my husband), not killing anyone when things didn’t go my way and above all not spending so much money on shopping, buying worthless stuff.

This year all I want is one thing from you and I really hope you can fulfil my wish. So here you go, I want a new book on “How to live a perfect life for Dummies” this Christmas. Wait! I am not done yet. Please make sure the following chapters are included in that book.

  • How not to smack someone when they lie to your face?
  • How to pretend you are enjoying the conversation when you are not?
  • How to enjoy life when you spend so much time working, cleaning, cooking and doing laundry?(Can days be longer than 24 hours?)
  • How not to show your disappointments?
  • How to love what I am doing ?(when I really want to be somewhere else doing something else.)
  • How to win the lotto?
  • How to have lots of holidays? (may be if I win lotto, this problem will be solved)
  • How to cross all the items in my bucket list in the next 20 years?
  • How to be friends with people who stab you in the back?
  • How to smile and look surprised when you open a gift (when you are actually shocked)?
  • How to please everyone around you?
  • How to be a perfect wife, daughter, friend, sister and daughter in law? 

I can think of more but I guess the book will be too heavy for you to carry around and there is next Christmas anyway.

I know I know, you don’t know the answer as well but still give it a shot and send me that book please. Isn’t Christmas the time when you try to be nice? So you better be nice to me and send me WHAT I WANT. Otherwise I will tell everyone who will listen that there is no Santa and beware I have 2000 friends in Facebook and 5000 followers in twitter and I blog too!!!.

Thank you so much Santa. Love you.

A nice girl from Downunder o:)