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Onesies: Fashion or Disaster

I am sure you know what onesies are.  We have seen this one piece clothing on babies for ages but guess what? It looks like onesies are coming for adult as well.

Onesies are made for babies initially to cover their feet and hand and keep them warm by covering all parts of the baby.  I really loved animal onesies for kids as they look so adorable as a bunny, bear, lion, cow etc.

Now it is available for adults as well as thick jumpsuit and all in one sleep suits in plain and patterned fabrics, with a wide range of colours. Check out some nice ones and not so nice ones too.

I am not planning to buy one but I do see them on sale everywhere. I don’t think I will be comfortable wearing it as a night suit as it will confine me.

Even Brad Pitt, Robbie Williams, Ryan Thomas, Peter Andre were caught wearing one. Do you like onesies on them?

I certainly think onsesise should be left for babies or at home when you sleep. Some dress up parties may be ok but not for everyday wear.

So what is your thought on Onesies? Would you buy one or already have one? Do share  🙂

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