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Why don’t you wash your hands after going to the toilet?

It is only me or have you also noticed that some people don’t wash their hands after they come out of toilet cubical. I am not sure of the reason but I feel that is really unhygienic and disgusting.

I normally notice that in public toilets and at work as well. Someone comes out of the cubical and go straight off to the door. Then there are some people who just run their hands through some running water after going to the loo. Seriously, how can that be OK considering what you’ve just been touching with your fingers in the cubicle.

All it takes is few minutes of your time to wash your hands with soap and warm water and then dry them properly and that is all. Imagine what you normally do with your hands after going to loo. Use the computer, drive, eat, drink and basically these people are spreading bacteria and germs everywhere.

Have you seen someone not washing their hands after loo? What is your opinion?

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