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The Final 10,000 steps

Yesterday was the last day of our 10,000 steps competition. For the whole month I had done 391,176 steps with an average of 13,489 steps per day.


Our team has five people and we managed to rack up 1,762,967 steps.

However, we are not the team with the most steps as some other team has as many as 2,898,329.

Here is the graph for my last week.


It has been a great experience and like in past winters, I have not put on any weight, instead I feel better and have more energy most of the days. My best days are when I swim in the afternoon which makes me feel refreshed every time.I love my weekend yoga session as well 🙂


Even though the competition is over, I am planning to keep counting my steps so I know how much exercise I do every day. If I see it go too low, it encourages me to do something after I get home.

Keep exercising everyone.

Take care,

M from nepaliaustralian