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Queen’s Birthday long weekend

Last weekend was a long weekend in Sydney as we celebrated birthday of Queen Elizabeth II. Normally we plan out-of-Sydney trips during long weekends but this time we didn’t. One of the reasons was because it was predicated to rain every day. How frustrating,I know.

When I came home after work on Friday, I was a bit annoyed that we had 3 days off and it seemed like we might be home most of the time. I was just venting my frustration when AS got me the socks. Now I know when he gets me the socks, he wants us to salsa. I really didn’t want to as it was a rainy day and I had been busy at work and was tired. All I wanted to do was rest and relax in front of the TV. I gave in when he asked me very sweetly a few times.

So, we danced the salsa for almost an hour and it definitely lifted my mood. I was happy when we had a light dinner and were off to bed. Sometimes I do need a bit of a push to do something and most of the time AS is there for that for which I am always glad.

Anyway, we woke up to a beautiful sunny morning on Saturday.


There was no way we were staying in so after breakfast we jumped into a car with some friends to go for a long drive toward Wollongong, aseaside city located in the Illawarra region of New South Wales, 82 kilometres south of Sydney. It was a nice drive but there was heaps of traffic on the road. It looked like everyone had the same idea when they woke up to an unexpected but beautiful and sunny morning.

Our destination was the Lagoon Seafood Restaurant located by the sea, which features an excellent à la carte menu. We had seen it featured in a program on TV and many good food guides so we wanted to try the amazing food.

We reached the restaurant just before 2 pm and all of us were already starving. We had made the booking beforehand so we got a table next to the window which had a great view. We ordered Salt & Pepper calamari, BBQ Seafood Platter and Hot & Cold Seafood Platter.

The lagoon (5)

So we had Lobster mornay, Moreton Bay bugs, BBQ king prawns, Kilpatrick & mornay oysters, scallops in the shell, BBQ octopus, salt & pepper calamari, barramundi pieces, tempura prawns, blue swimmer crab, natural oysters, fresh prawns & smoked salmon which were just delicious.

The lagoon (1) the lagoon

The portions were huge and we all were full but we still wanted some dessert. We decided to share and ordered a Cheesecake and a passionfruit coconut cake. They were delicious as well and we were glad we did order them.

The lagoon (4) The lagoon (2)

After lunch, we walked for a while near lagoon and it was just beautiful evening with sun setting on the horizon.

wollongong sunset

For a winter day, it was quite warm and beautiful.


On a whim, we decided to go for a movie so we jump into the car again and made an almost 2 hour journey back to Sydney. We picked Edge of Tomorrow with Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt as everyone seemed keen on that movie. It was a good movie and all of us loved it. We had a perfect day with perfect company.

On Sunday, we woke up again expecting a gloomy day but again we were blessed with a sunny day. It was such a great feeling to have a beautiful weekend. We had a lazy breakfast at home and caught up on our TV series. I felt like having pani puri so made one for lunch. It was delicious as always.

pani puri

It was a relaxing afternoon and by evening we were ready to go out. We decided to go for a massage and dinner. Luckily, our regular Thai massage was not booked out so went for an aroma therapy massage.

 It is always so great when you go in with a sore body and come out fully relaxed. All the girls there are really friendly and do a great job. After the massage, both of us were fully charged so went for a walk hunting for a restaurant for dinner.

Finally, we decided on a Vietnamese restaurant. AS ordered three-way pork dish, which was really yummy and I ordered my favourite papaya salad with prawn and pork. The portion size was just perfect for us.

papaya salad three way pork

We ended our meal with Jasmine tea which was nicer that I expected. That ended our lazy Sunday.

jasmine tea

As we had a lazy Sunday, I told AS that we must have busy Monday as it is the bonus day and we should make the most of it. He agreed and we were excited to wake up to yet another beautiful sunny morning. Quickly, we got ready and went out for brunch.

We tried a new café where they served an amazing breakfast. AS ordered the big breakfast and I had Spanish omelette. The food was amazing but my omelette was so big that I could not finished it.

breakfast (2) breakfast (4)

I like my hot chocolate too.

breakfast (1)-tile

The day was looking good so after the breakfast, we decided to go for a walk on the nearby beach.

It was a perfect blue sky and no black clouds but slightly windy at the beach. We sat on the beach for a while and talked. I love all the session we have where we just talk about everything in our life. I really think these times we spend together are so precious and glad we do it so often. I believe that in every relationship good communication is very important.


After a while, we decided to walk the few kilometres of the coast line. It was nice to see so many people on the beach just relaxing or playing volleyball.

As we were walking the sky suddenly turned grey and sun went hiding behind them and it started drizzling and we had nowhere to hide.

We hadn’t brought the umbrella with us so we just ran for our car which was parked a few blocks away. We kept running and giggling as the wind tried to take my scarf away but we had a blast in the rain. As the rain was not heavy, we were not that wet but it was fun running, made me feel young and happy again

After the unsuccessful walk ,we decided to go to the mall where we looked around for a while, decided we were tired so did our grocery and came back home.

The timing was perfect as we Skyped with our parents in Kathmandu, watched the latest episode of Games of Thrones and enjoyed my Jamie’s Oliver’s Chicken tikka masala with brown rice for dinner.

It was the perfect unplanned long weekend.

How was your weekend everyone, hope all of you in the north are enjoying your summer, (I am so jealous).

Take care,

M from nepaliaustralian


Empty mind

Do you have days when you want to write but don’t know where to start? Today is one of those days for me; I have no idea where to start. I can’t blame it on jetlag anymore as its been over a week now since I returned. It’s been wet and rainy for the past few days so I could blame my condition on wet weather.

I am sure all of you know by now that I am a summer person and I love beach and barbeque so the autumn weather is not agreeing with me. It is ruining my plans.

Like on Friday, I decided to go for a run during lunchtime but it rained which meant I didn’t run thus no exercise for the day. On weekend , me and AS planned a little outing for ourselves to go to the city and have some fun but the stupid rain ruined it again and today I am hoping to go for run during the lunch time but the weather hasn’t been very promising. It’s been raining since morning and hope it will stop soon.

I wish last weekend had been bit longer as it was really nice to wake up late in the morning and not have to rush to anything. AS was great and made me breakfast yesterday while I did breakfast on Saturday. They were simple ones but I welcomed the change. All we did during the weekend was unpack, clean the house and rest. Not very productive as would have liked but I’m glad we had some time off.

I was Skyping with my mum yesterday and was missing her a lot. It feels so sad to leave my parents in Nepal and living here so far away in their old age. I am sure she didn’t expect that when she had us, one day we would not be around. This feeling always makes me feel so guilty and I feel sad that I can’t do anything about it anytime soon.


It has been over four years since I and AS got engaged and it is nice to feel and see how our relationship has evolved. I am so glad that we have gone through ups and downs to get us where we are. We have been tested multiple times and still managed to pass each phase and come out stronger. I am so glad he has been a strong support when I am in my crazy moods. May be this is why you need a partner to keep you sane and grounded.

nepal2014 (3)

Talking about family, as predicated everyone in Nepal highly recommended that we should have a baby soon. Their words were less subtle than I liked but the message was, “Have a baby now before it is too late.” AS and I had talk about baby a lot and we have our plans. Constantly hearing about it is not going to change our minds and we are determined that we will stick to our plan and make up our own minds.

Hope everyone is having a better Monday morning than I am. Have a good day.

M from nepaliaustralian