Enjoying Czech food in Sydney

Some days you want to try something new and then you find it right in front of you. That is exactly what happened to us last weekend. Me, AS and few friends decided to go out for dinner. We were not sure what we wanted to eat so we were walking around looking at the cafes and restaurants in Newtown. Luckily we saw a nice Czech restaurant. The restaurant is called Cheeky Czech. I already loved it because of its name 🙂

During our Europe trip, the Czech dinner we had had was the best dinner on the whole tour so we decided to give this Czech restaurant a go. It was a small family restaurant which offered breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Enjoying Czech Food (9)

As we walked into the restaurant, I could see the European vibe with rusty and medieval decoration. There was a beautiful light hanging from the ceiling with a map of the old world. We chose the table next to the window.  The waiter came with menus and glass of water for us.

The menus looked old fashioned, printed on brown paper and clipped together on a board. The items in the menu looked like genuine Czech cuisine and felt so familiar.

So first we ordered Czech beer for everyone and freshly squeezed orange juice for me. Everyone thought the beer was a bit light but they liked it.

Enjoying Czech Food (2) Enjoying Czech Food (3)

Then we had Pork Belly Roast (Beautiful succulent moist tender pork with light crisp crackling. Served with Czech potato dumplings & braised red cabbage), Farm White Rabbit Roast (Slow roasted rabbit on apples, garlic, onion & caraway seeds, served with Czech potato dumplings & green spinach puree and Marinated Chicken Breast & Mushrooms Linguine (White wine & creamy based served with mushrooms, shallot, onion, semi-dried tomatoes, parmesan & fresh basil).

Enjoying Czech Food (6) Enjoying Czech Food (5) Enjoying Czech Food (4)

We all agreed that the food was just delicious. The rabbit was falling off the bone and the red cabbage was just the way I had eaten in Prague. It was the first time I had rabbit but I didn’t find it any different than chicken.

We loved the pork as it was well done with very crispy skin and linguine was rich and creamy. Overall one of the best meals we have had in a long time. They served fresh, simple, delicious food in a comfortable setting.

Enjoying Czech Food (7) Enjoying Czech Food (8)

We wanted to try their dessert as well but one of our friends was waiting for us in another café so we went there to have a coffee and cake. The chocolate mousse was just divine.

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4 responses to “Enjoying Czech food in Sydney

  1. No meal is complete without liquor be it light, better than nothing (my definition of dining which better half completely disagrees)
    Veggie burger is picking up globally.Almost every cuisine is including it in the menu. Vegetarianism is on the rise and I know a friend (few posts ago) who jumped the wagon after leaving the homeland. 😉

    • hahaha..I think every man will agree with your definition. I don’t mind social drinker either but the ones who can’t control themselves are the one I hate a lot. I was vegetarian once and I know it is a great thing to be one but I am not sure I can go back again.

  2. Whoa ! Alas, there’s no Czech resto in my neck of the woods.

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