Back to work, back to reality

Today, after almost a year of maternity leave, I am back at work and it feels so sad. I know I am very lucky to have had the option to stay home and look after my daughter for so long but after spending almost every moment together for the last one year, I left home this morning with a heavy heart.

We are lucky to have my parents here to look after Chhori in my absence but it doesn’t make it any easier on my heart.

This morning when I was getting ready for work, Chhori saw me getting dressed and thought that we were going out together. She wanted me to hold her so I did and she even waved good bye to my mum. Poor baby thought she is going out with me.

Before coming to work, I asked her to kiss me and she happily obliged. Here is our happy snap from the morning.

first day at work

I know this is the normal course of life and I have little choice but I miss her so much. It will be a hard few days for both of us before we get used to the situation.

M from nepaliaustralian


17 responses to “Back to work, back to reality

  1. Uff I’m SOOO far behind with your posts – but I’m looking forward to catching up with as many of them as possible over the next few days. Prepare for an onslaught of likes and comments from me!

  2. It’s soo hard to leave them after spending a full year at home.

  3. You can do this 🙂

  4. I am just happy that both my wife and I can work from home. Sure when we are too busy my parents watch our son but we still can spend more time with him than it would be possible with full time jobs

  5. Wow, she has grown over the year! 🙂 And it’s been already a year?! You both will get used to the new routine in a while, good luck!

  6. It’s really hard. Hang in there. Soon you will realize that it is best for both of you. Hugs ☺

  7. I can imagine this is a really hard time. I sm sure the days will seem long for awhile but eventually seeing her will be the special moments to look forward to, as well as times with your husband. Chhori is a sweet baby and will always be close to her parents and grandparents, too. What a blessing! ♡♡♡

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