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I am a Published writer now :)

Before I started this blog I never thought I could really write. I have always loved to read and write but never had the courage to share my writing. When I was in school, I used to keep a diary but I never shared that with anyone. Before I left for Australia, I burned them all, no idea why but I have only one of the many diaries that I used to keep, with me now.

When I first started writing this blog, I didn’t know if anyone would ever read what I wrote. After reading lots of blogs, I felt like I wanted to share my thoughts and feeling as well. But I wasn’t sure if anyone else would ever read it. I really need to thank my husband who encouraged me to write and told me, “You just write and see how things go.”

And I am glad I listened to him. Now I write regularly and it helps me to be happy and relaxed. I have formed lots of friendship through blogging and there are people who read what I write. Thanks everyone for following and reading my blog because without all of you I could never have continued.

Anyway, at the end of last year, +977 ( a Nepalese Lifestyle Magazine in Australia) contacted me to write an article for their magazine that they were planning to publish. +977 is the country code to call Nepal from overseas, in case you are wondering what the name of the magazine stands for. They found me through my blog and contacted me. I wrote an article and submitted it to them.

After a while, they contacted me again and asked me if I would be happy to get more involved in the magazine. So we did, both me and my husband, became part of the magazine as we love to be creative. We worked for the magazine along with other members of the team and got the magazine out on the market from the vision board.

To cut the long story short after a few months of hard work, +977 magazines is out in the market and YES I AM A PUBLISED WRITER NOW.

Apart from the initial article, I did a cover story with my friend Mingma from iScribble as well as I did an article on Revolution Radio. Of course as you all know I am into fashion, so there is a piece about it as well. Here are my published articles. Please let me know what you think about them. I will upload the full articles soon.

Thank you once again everyone for all the support. Please support the magazine by liking their Facebook page.

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